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The Pornographers

The Pornographers is a 1966 Japanese film directed by Shohei Imamura and based on a novel (Erogotoshitachi) by Akiyuki Nosaka. Its original Japanese title is "Erogotoshitachi" yori Jinruigaku nyūmon (「エロ事師たち」より 人類学入門), which means 'An introduction to anthropology through the pornographers'. It tells the story of porn film-maker Mr. Subuyan Ogata, whose business is under threat from thieves, the government, and his own family.

The Pornographers
Erogotoshitachi yori Jinruigaku nyumon.jpg
VHS video cover of The Pornographers (1966)
Directed byShohei Imamura
Produced byJiro Romado[1]
Written byShohei Imamura
Kōji Numata
Based onNovel by Akiyuki Nosaka[1]
StarringShōichi Ozawa
Sumiko Sakamoto
Masaomi Kondō
Keiko Sagowa
Music byToshirō Kusunoki[1]
CinematographyShinsaku Himeda[1]
Edited byMatsuo Tanji[1]
Imamura Productions[1]
Distributed byNikkatsu
Release date
March 1966
Running time
128 minutes[1]

The film is a dark comic satire, depicting the underbelly of the Japanese post-war economic miracle, in this case pornographers and small-time gangsters in Osaka. It has been called Imamura's best-known film outside Japan.[2]



The Pornographers was released in Japan on March 1966 where it was distributed by Nikkatsu.[1] It was released in the United States by Toho International with English-subtitles in August 1966.[1]


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