The Paths of King Nikola

The Paths of King Nikola was a road bicycle race held annually in Montenegro. The name is a reference to King Nikola I (1841–1921), the ruler of the Principality of Montenegro. The first edition was in 2002; since 2005, it is organized as a 2.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour.

The Paths of King Nikola
Race details
English nameThe Paths of King Nikola
DisciplineRoad race
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeStage race
First edition2002 (2002)
Editions16 (as of 2010)
First winnerItaly Ivan Denobile
Most winsCroatia Radoslav Rogina
Slovenia Mitja Mahorič
(3 wins)
Most recentBulgaria Vladimir Koev


Year Country Rider Team
2002   Italy Ivan De Nobile Aran Cucine Cantina Tollo
2003   Croatia Radoslav Rogina Perutnina Ptuj
2004   Croatia Massimo Demarin Perutnina Ptuj
2005   Slovenia Mitja Mahorič Perutnina Ptuj
2006   Croatia Radoslav Rogina Perutnina Ptuj
2007   Slovenia Mitja Mahorič Perutnina Ptuj
2008   Slovenia Mitja Mahorič Perutnina Ptuj
2009   Croatia Radoslav Rogina Perutnina Ptuj
2010   Bulgaria Vladimir Koev Hemus 1896-Vivelo
2011 No race due to an insufficient amount of safety measures taken by the race organisers[1]

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