The Palace (2013 film)

The Palace also known as Palace: Lock Sinensis is a 2013 Chinese historical romance film. This film was directed by Pan Anzi and written by Yu Zheng, and starring Zhou Dongyu, Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying.[1]

The Palace
The Palace 2013 poster.jpg
MandarinGōngsuǒ Chénxiāng
Directed byPan Anzi
Screenplay byYu Zheng
Produced byDu Yang
Li Jinwen
StarringZhou Dongyu
Chen Xiao
Zhao Liying
CinematographyZou Lianyou
Edited byCheung Ka-fai
Music byPeter Kam
Hunan Broadcasting System
Hunan Economic Channel
Yu Zheng Studio
Distributed byWanda Film and Television media co., LTD
Release date
  • August 13, 2013 (2013-08-13) (China)
Running time
115 minutes


During the reign of the Kangxi Emperor, Yaojia Chenxiang entered the Forbidden Palace as a lowly servant. Chenxiang learned the ways of surviving in the palace and became close friends with another servant named Liuli and Chunshou, an eunuch. She also meets Yinxiang, a prince raised by Consort De and is friends with the fourth prince Yinzhen. They meet by chance, but she never reveals her identity to him. He later searches for this mystery girl and Liuli claims that she was the mystery girl.

Liuli betrays Chenxiang to become the di fujin (official wife) of Yinxiang. Chenxiang is heartbroken but becomes Liuli's servant in order to protect Chunshou, who was tortured by Liuli. As Liuli's servant, Chenxiang is humiliated and forced to only look at Yinxiang from a distance. One night, she enters Liuli's bedchamber only to find out that she carries an affair with Yuntang, another prince. Liuli is mad at Chenxiang, and increases her punishments. Yinxiang grows suspicious of Liuli, and asks her who the mystery girl really was. Liuli refused to tell him, and ran away from the palace only to be shot with arrows. Yinxiang, now blind, eventually reunites with Chenxiang.


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The film had its premiere at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival.[2]

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The film grossed ¥21 million by the end of its first day of general release and grossed ¥ 48 million on its first weekend.[3]

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The film received negative reviews.[4] It was listed on Sohu's 2013 Top Ten Bad Film.[5][6]


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