Friends (season 7)

The seventh season of Friends, an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, premiered on NBC on October 12, 2000. Friends was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television. The season contains 24 episodes and concluded airing on May 17, 2001.

Season 7
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Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes24
Original networkNBC
Original releaseOctober 12, 2000 (2000-10-12) –
May 17, 2001 (2001-05-17)
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Collider ranked it #4 on their ranking of the ten Friends seasons, and cited "The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding" as its best episode. They also wrote that "The One with the Engagement Picture" and "The One with the Vows" were other highlights.[1]

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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
1471"The One with Monica's Thunder"Kevin S. BrightStory by : Wil Calhoun
Teleplay by : David Crane & Marta Kauffman
October 12, 2000 (2000-10-12)22640125.54[2]13.7/38[3]
The gang prepare to celebrate Monica and Chandler's engagement. When Monica opens the door to Ross kissing Rachel in the hall, she accuses them of stealing her thunder. Ross and Rachel had been planning a "bonus night", where two exes have a one-night stand. Meanwhile, Chandler has bedroom-related problems, Joey auditions to play as a 19-year-old, and Phoebe wants to play her guitar at Monica and Chandler's wedding.
1482"The One with Rachel's Book"Michael LembeckAndrew Reich & Ted CohenOctober 12, 2000 (2000-10-12)22640227.93[2]15.4/39[3]
Monica is devastated that her parents have spent her entire wedding fund to build their beach cottage. She perks up after learning Chandler has enough money to pay for her dream wedding. However, Chandler's refusal to use all the money on a wedding and instead saving it for their future, causes an argument. Joey teases Rachel after finding an erotic novel she is reading. Phoebe temporarily moves into Ross' apartment, bringing her massage clients with her. When a hot woman shows up for a drop-in appointment when Phoebe is gone, Ross pretends to be a masseuse, only to discover the client is her father.
1493"The One with Phoebe's Cookies"Gary HalvorsonSherry Bilsing & Ellen PlummerOctober 19, 2000 (2000-10-19)22640522.72[4]11.7/35[5]
Phoebe offers to give Monica her grandmother's secret cookie recipe – but the recipe was destroyed in the fire. Monica obsessively attempts to recreate it, only to learn that the recipe is for Nestle's Toll House. Rachel tries to teach Joey how to sail, but is soon berating him for his lax attitude. Her domineering manner makes her realize she is acting like her nasty father. Meanwhile, Chandler's new eyeglasses fog up in the gym steam room, resulting in him accidentally sitting on his future father-in-law's nude lap.
1504"The One with Rachel's Assistant"David SchwimmerBrian BoyleOctober 26, 2000 (2000-10-26)22640322.66[6]11.7/32[7]
Rachel must choose between a hunky young guy, Tag, or an experienced and well-qualified woman, to hire as her executive assistant. Joey is offered the part of Dr. Stryker Ramoray, the twin of his old character Dr. Drake Ramoray, on Days of Our Lives but is offended when he is asked to audition. However, when Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. is cancelled, Joey finds himself crawling back to the producers and eventually gets hired back onto the show as his old character Dr. Drake Ramoray recovering from his big fall down an elevator shaft. Monica, Chandler, and Ross (who wore leg warmers) all reveal secrets about each other. Monica tells Phoebe's secret of an employee getting fired. Chandler reveals about his trip to Disneyland where Ross ended up ill on a ride after eating road-side tacos. Ross tells Monica about an Atlantic City trip where Chandler accidentally kissed a guy. Fat Monica ate her macaroni diorama. Ross kissed a cleaning lady.
1515"The One with the Engagement Picture"Gary HalvorsonStory by : Earl Davis
Teleplay by : Patty Lin
November 2, 2000 (2000-11-02)22640424.43[8]12.8/34[9]
Chandler is unable to photograph well for his and Monica's engagement photo so Monica ends up taking a photo with Joey. Joey teaches Tag how to pick up women, much to Rachel's annoyance. Ross and Phoebe date a couple who are divorcing.
1526"The One with the Nap Partners"Gary HalvorsonBrian Buckner & Sebastian JonesNovember 9, 2000 (2000-11-09)22640622.01[10]11.2/30[11]
Joey and Ross accidentally take a nap together and, much to their dismay, find that they like it. Phoebe and Rachel compete to be Monica's maid of honor. Meanwhile, Chandler's breakup with a past girlfriend because she was overweight places Monica in doubt about him being committed to their relationship.
1537"The One with Ross's Library Book"David SchwimmerScott SilveriNovember 16, 2000 (2000-11-16)22641023.73[12]12.1/32[13]
Ross is excited that his dissertation is in the school library until he learns it is in an isolated aisle where students go to hook up. Rachel and Phoebe believe they have found the perfect girl (Kristin Davis) for Joey. When Janice invites herself to Chandler and Monica's wedding, they try dissuading her by convincing her Chandler still has feelings for her. Ross tries guarding his dissertation from potential lovers. He meets a woman there who knows his work, and they end up fooling around and getting caught by library staff.
1548"The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs"Kevin S. BrightPatty LinNovember 23, 2000 (2000-11-23)22640716.57[14]7.3/22[15]
Phoebe sneaks a dog into the apartment; Chandler reveals that he hates dogs. Ross becomes obsessed with naming all fifty U.S. states in order to earn his Thanksgiving dinner. After learning Tag broke up with his girlfriend and has nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, Rachel invites him to Monica and Chandler's apartment. She is hesitant to tell Tag that she is interested in him.
1559"The One with All the Candy"David SchwimmerWil CalhounDecember 7, 2000 (2000-12-07)22640821.08[16]11.0/30[17]
Monica's plan to get to know her neighbors backfires when she is overworked. Phoebe finally gets her first bicycle, thanks to Ross, but has never learned to ride a bike. Rachel and Tag's relationship is nearly discovered at Ralph Lauren.
15610"The One with the Holiday Armadillo"Gary HalvorsonGregory S. MalinsDecember 14, 2000 (2000-12-14)22640923.26[19]11.5/32[20]
Ross wants to introduce Ben, who is half-Jewish, to Hanukkah, though Ben loves Christmas. Phoebe and Rachel's apartment has been repaired, but Phoebe fears Rachel prefers living at Joey's. To prevent this, she presents Joey with various gifts – a spider that scares Joey more than Rachel and a drum kit that annoys Monica. Ross dresses up as the "Holiday Armadillo" to excite Ben for Hanukkah. In 2019, The Herald-Dispatch called it the third best Christmas TV episode of all time.[18]
15711"The One with All the Cheesecakes"Gary HalvorsonShana Goldberg-MeehanJanuary 4, 2001 (2001-01-04)22641224.37[21]12.4/32[22]
Rachel and Chandler get hooked on the home-delivered cheesecakes meant for another tenant. David (Hank Azaria), Phoebe's Scientist Guy, who is in town for just one night, wants to have dinner. Phoebe already has plans with Joey, then has to decide whether to blow him off, after criticizing him for having done it to her. Monica is upset that her cousin, Frannie, with whom she was close, did not invite her to her wedding. Monica goes anyway, only to discover that Frannie married Stuart, who once slept with Monica.
15812"The One Where They're Up All Night"Kevin S. BrightZachary RosenblattJanuary 11, 2001 (2001-01-11)22641322.86[23]11.6/30[24]
Everyone is awake for the entire night after the friends try to see a comet from the rooftop. After, Monica and Chandler are later unable to sleep. Rachel and Tag go to the office to search for a business file that Rachel claims Tag misplaced. Joey and Ross try to escape the roof after getting stuck there. Phoebe's smoke detector goes off and will not stop beeping, leading to a run-in with a firefighter.
15913"The One Where Rosita Dies"Stephen PrimeStory by : Ellen Plummer & Sherry Bilsing
Teleplay by : Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones
February 1, 2001 (2001-02-01)22641522.24[25]10.8/27[26]
Rachel and Chandler both think they broke Rosita, Joey's recliner. Rachel goes with Joey to buy a new one, while Chandler secretly swaps his recliner with Joey's. Joey believes Rosita has been "healed", so Rachel keeps the luxurious new La-Z-Boy for herself, only for Joey to take it once he accidentally breaks Chandler's chair and after they tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Monica and Ross visit their childhood home to collect old belongings before the house is sold. However, Monica learns that all her childhood boxes were used to protect her father's Porsche during a flood in the garage. Hers were ruined, while Ross' boxes were protected. To mollify Monica, Jack, gives her the Porsche, infuriating Ross. Phoebe takes a telemarketing job selling printer toner and tries to save a customer named Earl (Jason Alexander) from committing suicide.
16014"The One Where They All Turn Thirty"Ben WeissStory by : Vanessa McCarthy
Teleplay by : Ellen Plummer & Sherry Bilsing
February 8, 2001 (2001-02-08)22641122.40[27]11.2/27[28]
Rachel frets over turning 30, prompting everyone else to remember what they did when they reached the same milestone. After realizing that Tag is too young and immature, she breaks up with him.
16115"The One with Joey's New Brain"Kevin S. BrightStory by : Sherry Bilsing & Ellen Plummer
Teleplay by : Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
February 15, 2001 (2001-02-15)22641621.75[29]10.6/27[30]
Joey's Days of our Lives character has a female character's brain transplanted into his body, and tells the actress playing her, Cecilia Monroe (Susan Sarandon), by accident. Joey uses his charm, he and Cecilia work to maintain the character's legacy, and then sleep together. Ross cooks up a special surprise for the wedding: dreadful bagpipe playing. Meanwhile, after finding a cute guy's phone, Phoebe and Rachel compete over who gets to keep it to start 'a fairytale for the digital age'. Later, an elderly gentleman claims the phone, and Phoebe happily goes to dinner with him, finding him more attractive than the young man whose phone they believed it was.
16216"The One with the Truth About London"David SchwimmerStory by : Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones
Teleplay by : Zachary Rosenblatt
February 22, 2001 (2001-02-22)22641721.22[31]9.9/24[32]
Rachel teaches Ben practical jokes, which angers Ross. However, Ross gets back at Rachel when he and Ben pull their own prank on her. Chandler learns that Monica was actually planning on sleeping with Joey the night they first got together, making Chandler paranoid that she would leave him for Joey. Joey becomes ordained over the Internet in preparation to officiate Monica and Chandler's wedding.
16317"The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress"Kevin S. BrightStory by : Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones
Teleplay by : Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
March 15, 2001 (2001-03-15)22641420.84[33]10.0/29[34]
Monica beats another bride-to-be in a fight over a discounted wedding dress; however she is forced to relinquish her prize after the other bride-to-be books Chandler's favorite band on the same day as her wedding as ransom for the dress. Joey and Ross meet a girl (Gabrielle Union) then go to drastic measures to win her.
16418"The One with Joey's Award"Gary HalvorsonStory by : Sherry Bilsing & Ellen Plummer
Teleplay by : Brian Boyle
March 29, 2001 (2001-03-29)22641817.81[35]8.1/21[36]
Joey proves to be a sore loser after being nominated for a "Soapie" award. When he accepts a different award on behalf of a co-star, he is unwilling to hand it over, later keeping it when the actress considers it insignificant. A male student angles for a higher test grade by claiming he loves Ross. Another student reveals that the guy actually is straight, and has used the same ploy on other professors. Ross then gives the student a failing grade, but ends up giving him a "C" after some of Ross' colleagues overhear a conversation sounding like Ross and the student dated.
16519"The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin"Gary HalvorsonAndrew Reich & Ted CohenApril 19, 2001 (2001-04-19)22642116.54[38]7.7/22[39]

Ross and Monica's gorgeous cousin, Cassie (Denise Richards) visits, and Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe become attracted to her. Rachel and Phoebe quickly throw together a bridal shower for Monica. Joey auditions for a part which is perfect for him, apart from it calling for an uncircumcised actor (which Joey is not). Upon finding out he lied about his 'downstairs' area, Monica tries to fix it so he can still get the part, using a variety of methods including Silly Putty and cold cuts.

Note: The sub-plot where Joey auditions for the role of an uncircumcised man was originally written for "The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding" but the story was changed on the advice of network censors, who thought it was inappropriate.[37][page needed]
16620"The One with Rachel's Big Kiss"Gary HalvorsonScott Silveri & Shana Goldberg-MeehanApril 26, 2001 (2001-04-26)22641916.30[40]8.1/24[41]
Rachel runs into Melissa (Winona Ryder), a former sorority sister with whom she once had a passionate kiss. However, Melissa denies it ever happened. Phoebe disbelieves Rachel capable of that, so Rachel recreates the kiss with surprising results: Melissa does remember and has feelings for Rachel. Meanwhile, Chandler is excited when he rents the same tuxedo that Pierce Brosnan wore as James Bond, but feels outdone when Ross claims to have tried on the same tux Val Kilmer wore in Batman Forever but turns out it was the same tux he wore at a different movie
16721"The One with the Vows"Gary HalvorsonDoty AbramsMay 3, 2001 (2001-05-03)22642415.65[42]7.6/21[43]

Chandler and Monica struggle to write their wedding vows. The group remembers Monica and Chandler's journey over the past few years via flashbacks.

Note: This is a clip show and was the lowest-rated episode in the series with 15.65 million viewers.
16822"The One with Chandler's Dad"Kevin S. Bright & Gary HalvorsonStory by : Gregory S. Malins
Teleplay by : Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones
May 10, 2001 (2001-05-10)22642017.23[44]N/A
Chandler tries to reconcile with his estranged gay father (Kathleen Turner), per Monica's request. Monica and Chandler attend one of Mr. Bing's drag shows, where father and son reconcile, and Mr. Bing agrees to attend. Rachel, an irresponsible driver, takes Monica's Porsche for a spin with Ross (much to his fear). Joey takes Phoebe's advice about his masculinity, resulting in him trying on women's underwear. Rachel gets caught driving the Porsche without a license and flirts with the officer to avoid a ticket. Later, Ross is pulled over for driving too slow on the freeway, resulting in similar flirtatious attempts.
"The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding"Kevin S. BrightGregory S. Malins
Marta Kauffman & David Crane
May 17, 2001 (2001-05-17)[a]226422
Joey gets a part in a movie and learns the art of enunciation (and therein spitting) from his famous co-star (Gary Oldman). He discovers he has work on the day he is officiating Monica and Chandler's wedding. Chandler's fear of commitment overtakes him and he runs away before the wedding. Phoebe finds a positive pregnancy test in Monica's bathroom trash, and assumes it is hers. Joey is relieved he only has to shoot one scene before he can leave for the wedding, but when his co-star turns up drunk, Joey may not make it to the ceremony. Chandler is found but, upon overhearing Phoebe and Rachel discussing Monica's assumed pregnancy, disappears again. Luckily he turns up again, accepting becoming a father. Joey arrives in time to perform the ceremony, still wearing his WWI movie costume. Monica and Chandler become husband and wife, marrying to the tune of the song "Everlong" by Foo Fighters. In the end, it is revealed (to the audience) that the pregnancy test was Rachel's.


Special No. Title Original air date U.S. viewers
S01"Friends: The Stuff You've Never Seen"February 15, 2001 (2001-02-15)22.50[29]11.6/27[30]
A 17-minute special hosted by Conan O'Brien.

^† denotes a "super-sized" 40-minute episode (with advertisements; actual runtime around 28 minutes).


  1. ^ These episodes originally aired as a single double-length episode but are sometimes split into two episodes for syndication, reruns and DVD presentation.


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