The National Golf Club of Canada

The National Golf Club of Canada is a golf club in Woodbridge, Ontario. It has frequently been called the best golf course in Canada,[1][2] and has been called one of the best golf courses in the world.[3] The club has also been criticized for its men-only membership policy.

The National Golf Club of Canada
Club information
The National Golf Club of Canada is located in Southern Ontario
The National Golf Club of Canada
Coordinates43°48′31″N 79°34′47″W / 43.8085°N 79.5796°W / 43.8085; -79.5796Coordinates: 43°48′31″N 79°34′47″W / 43.8085°N 79.5796°W / 43.8085; -79.5796
Total holes18
WebsiteThe National Golf Club of Canada
Length7,235 yards (6,616 m)


The club was founded by Harvey Kalef, Gil Blechman and Irv Hennick.[4] The golf course was designed by George Fazio and Tom Fazio.[4] Construction began on May 15, 1973 and the course officially opened in 1975.[4] The club's first professional was Ken Venturi, a retired professional golfer and later a commentator for CBS Sports.[2] The course is notoriously difficult, and has been called the toughest in Canada.[5] It is also highly acclaimed - the course has been called the best in Canada by a number of reviewers.[1][2] It also has received acclaim from international publications, where it was ranked among the world's best.[3]


Club membership is famously open to men only. The policy came under scrutiny after Augusta National Golf Club abandoned its men-only policy in 2012.[5][6] The club faced calls to open its membership up to women.[5]


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