The Morning News (Bangladeshi newspaper)

The Morning News was a right wing English language newspaper published from Dhaka.[1][2]


The Morning News started as an English language newspaper in Kolkata weekly. It was owned by Khwaja Nuruddin who was relative of the Nawab of Dhaka, Khawaja Nazimuddin. It moved to Dhaka on 20 March 1949 following the Partition of India. On 25 December 1949 it started publishing as a daily newspaper. The editor of the newspaper was Badruddin.[3] On 24 January 1971 the office of the Morning News and the other pro-Pakistan Military junta newspaper, Dainik Pakistan, was burned down by protestors.[4] On 2 March 1971, Pakistani soldiers shot at protesters outside the newspaper office at DIT intersection around 9:30 pm.[5] After the Independence of Bangladesh in 1971 Shamsul Huda became the editor. The Newspaper was banned in 1975 by the BAKSAL government.[3]


The Morning News was supportive the Muslim League faction led by Khawaja Nazimuddin.[3] The Morning News was against the Language Movement in 1952. It called the movement demanding Bengali be made the state language of Pakistan a conspiracy of Indians and Hindus. The newspaper took a communal stance.[6]


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