The Mild Mild West

The Mild Mild West is a mural by graffiti artist Banksy, sited on No. 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol.[1] It depicts a teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail at three riot police.[2]

The Mild Mild West
Banksy MIld Mild West and poster.jpg
The mural in 2007
Year1999 (1999)
LocationBristol, United Kingdom
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Banksy painted the artwork over three days in broad daylight in 1998. [3][4] It was painted in response to various unlicensed raves and parties held in abandoned warehouses around Bristol in the 1990s, that drew increased attention from the police. A specific trigger for the mural was such an event at Winterstoke Road, New Years Eve 97/98 where riot police began to attack partygoers.[4]

The artwork is popular with the local community who consider it a good symbol of the heritage around Stokes Croft.[5] It has been cited as an archetypal piece of Bristol culture, showing how a relaxed hippie can still fight back against the government and commercialisation.[2]

In April 2009, the artwork was vandalised with red paint by an anti-graffiti organisation called Appropriate Media, but was quickly repaired. Bristol City Council announced plans to enclose the mural in glass in front of new flats, which was criticised by the local community because it would make it harder to see from the street.[3] Coexist, an organisation managing regeneration of Stokes Croft, did not understand the vandalism. Their spokesman said, "I don't see how spraying red paint is helping with the positive change" and was happy that volunteers quickly came together to repair it.[6]

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