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The Merchants of Venus

"The Merchants of Venus", also known by the title "The Merchants of Venus Underground", is a science fiction novella by American writer Frederik Pohl published in 1972 as part of the collection The Gold at the Starbow's End.

It is a satire of runaway free market capitalism. It also features the first appearance of the Heechee.

It was adapted as a graphic novel by Victoria Petersen and Neal McPheeters in 1986, as the fourth title in the DC Science Fiction Graphic Novel series.

An unrelated story with a slightly different title ("The Merchant of Venus") by A.H. Phelps was published in Galaxy magazine, March 1954. In it, an advertising man takes on the problem of getting colonists to go to Venus. This unrelated "The Merchant of Venus" was dramatized on the radio series X Minus One, which was affiliated with Galaxy.


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