The Mean Machine (rap group)


From Left to Right: Mr. Schick (Daniel Rivera Jr.), Jimmy Mac (James McLean), Cool Cliff (Clifford Santiago) and DJ Julio (Steven Santiago)

The Mean Machine was a rap group composed of Puerto Ricans who rapped in both English and Spanish. They are known for the single "Disco Dream", released as a 12" 33 RPM single in 1981 on the Sugar Hill Records label. In 1986, they recorded a single called "At The Party" on the Honey Hush label.[1] The group is often cited as the first bilingual rap group, and is possibly the first ever Latin hip hop group.[2]

Members Edit

  • DJ Julio (Steven Santiago)
  • Jimmy Mac (James McLean)
  • Mr. Nice (Jose Semprit)
  • Mr. Schick (Daniel Rivera Jr.)
  • Butch Kid (Roman Barksdale Jr.)
  • Cool Cliff (Clifford Santiago)

References Edit

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