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Martyrs' Memorial is a memorial and museum in Amman, Jordan. Located next to the Amman Sport city, the museum was established in 1977 upon King Hussein's wishes. The museum showcases a rare collection of Jordan's military weapons, clothing and vehicles. It also serves as a memorial to the martyrs who gave their lives in the service of Jordan as early as 1915, starting with the Great Arab Revolution which was led by King Hussein's grandfather Hussein bin Ali.[1][2]

Martyrs' Memorial
Amman martyr's memorial.jpg
Martyrs' Memorial entrance
LocationAmman, Jordan
Coordinates31°59′12″N 35°54′23″E / 31.98655°N 35.90640°E / 31.98655; 35.90640Coordinates: 31°59′12″N 35°54′23″E / 31.98655°N 35.90640°E / 31.98655; 35.90640


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