The London Encyclopaedia

The London Encyclopaedia, first published in 1983,[1] is a 1100-page historical reference work[2] on the United Kingdom's capital city, London. The encyclopaedia covers the Greater London area.

The London Encyclopaedia, third edition, 2008.


The first edition of the encyclopaedia was compiled over a number of years by antiquarian bookseller Ben Weinreb[3] and by the historian Christopher Hibbert, and was revised in 1993, 1995, and 2008.[1] It has around 5,000 articles, supported by two indices—one general and one listing people, each of about 10,000 entries—and is published by Macmillan.

In 2012, an app was developed by Heuristic-Media, and released as London—A City Through Time.[1][2] Toby Evetts and Simon Reeves, partners in Heuristic-Media, discussed the development of the app with The Guardian in 2013, describing how 4,500 entries had to be plotted onto a guide map by hand.[3]


The encyclopaedia builds on a number of earlier publications,[4] including:

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