The Kid from Left Field (1953 film)

The Kid from Left Field is a 1953 baseball comedy film starring Dan Dailey, Anne Bancroft, Lloyd Bridges, and Billy Chapin. The film marked the reunion of Dailey and director Harmon Jones who had teamed up at 20th Century Fox a year earlier in another baseball film, the biographical The Pride of St. Louis.

The Kid from Left Field
Directed byHarmon Jones
Written byJack Sher
Produced byLeonard Goldstein
CinematographyHarry Jackson
Edited byWilliam H. Reynolds
20th Century Fox
Distributed by20th Century Fox
Release date
  • June 29, 1953 (1953-06-29) (United States)
  • July 31, 1953 (1953-07-31) (Los Angeles)
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited States

The film was remade for television in 1979, starring Gary Coleman, Gary Collins and Robert Guillaume.


Former ballplayer 'Coop' (Dailey) is working as a peanut vendor at the ballpark of a struggling major league club, the Bisons. He has passed on his love of the game to his son Christie (Chapin), but after sneaking his son into the game one too many times, he is fired from his job. Christie ingratiates himself with the former owner's niece (Bancroft) and gets his father's job back as well as a position as batboy for himself.

As a publicity stunt, Christie is named their youngest manager ever, but when he falls ill, Coop replaces him as manager. The Bisons win the pennant and earn a spot in the World Series.


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