The Heatmakerz

The Heatmakerz is a hip-hop production started by Rsonist (Gregory Green) originally from Kingston, Jamaica, now living in New York. The duo, consisting of Rsonist (Gregory Green) and Thrilla (Sean Thomas), rose to fame after providing beats to various releases of The Diplomats. The bulk of albums like Diplomatic Immunity and Juelz Santana's debut From Me to U were produced by The Heatmakerz.[1] Their production style is based upon high pitched soul samples.[2] To this day, the Heatmakerz still use the same style of production. Timothy Hodge made an appearance on Beat Bangerz alongside Rsonist.

The Heatmakerz
OriginKingston, Jamaica
GenresHip Hop
Occupation(s)Production team
InstrumentsAkai MPC Snare
Years active2000–present
Associated actsThe Diplomats

Production discographyEdit

List of songs produced, co-produced and remixed by title, with performing artists and other credited producers, showing year released and album name
Title Year Artist(s) Album Co-producer(s)
"The C-Quel" 2000 Canibus 2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus) Pillo Jamel
"Ice" 2001 Ghostface Killah Bulletproof Wallets
"Come Home With Me" 2002 Cam'ron Come Home With Me
"Boy Boy" Ty Fyffe
"Hands Up" Ill Beingz Wild Amerika
"Wild Amerika"
"730 Raw" Truck Turner, Butter, Papoose, Sweat Look Both Ways Before You Cross Me
"Who Am I" 2003 The Diplomats Diplomatic Immunity
"More Than Music"
"Dipset Anthem"
"This Is What I Do"
"My Love"
"I Love You"
"Purple Haze"
"Juelz Santana the Great"
"DJ Enuff Freestyle"
"I'm Ready"
"Let's Go"
"The Champ Is Here" Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey From Me to U
"One Day I Smile" Juelz Santana
"Okay Okay"
"Monster Music" Juelz Santana, Opera Steve
"Back Again" Juelz Santana
"How I Feel"
"Squalie" Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer
"My Love (Remix)" Juelz Santana, Jim Jones
"Let's Go" Juelz Santana, Cam'ron
"This Is for My Homies" Juelz Santana, Jim Jones
"Fire" Comp, Cam'ron N/A
"The Ghetto" 2004 Lil' Flip U Gotta Feel Me
"Face Off" DJ Kay Slay, Ghostface Killah, Scarface The Streetsweeper, Vol. 2
"Untouchables" DJ Kay Slay, Prodigy, Raekwon, AZ
"The Kennedies" DJ Kay Slay, Bristal, C. White
"Celebrity Love" DJ Kay Slay, Lala, Tiffany, Steph Lova, Sunny, Chinky Brown Eyes DJ Kay Slay
"Intro" Samy Deluxe Verdammtnochma!
"Gott Sei Dank"
"This Is Jim Jones" Jim Jones, Cam'ron On My Way to Church
"Jamaican Joint" Jim Jones, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana
"End of the Road" Jim Jones, Bun B, T.I.
"Eyes Open" I-20 Self-Explanatory
"Meet the Dealer" I-20, Ludacris
"I Wanna Be Your Lady" The Diplomats Diplomatic Immunity 2 Skitzo
"Push It"
"Bigger Picture"
"Crunk Muzik"
"More Gangsta Music" Cam'ron, Juelz Santana Purple Haze
"Killa Cam" Cam'ron
"Did It All" 2005 Lord Tariq The Barcode
"Back In The Building" The Diplomats More Than Music Vol. 1
"You Make Me Say" DukeDaGod
"What Kind Of Life Is This" The Diplomats, Razah
"Street Niggaz" Jeezy Trap or Die [A]
"That's Who I Am" N/A [A] [B]
"Oh Yes" Juelz Santana What The Game's Been Missing!
"Shottas" Juelz Santana, Cam'ron, Sizzla
"Violence" Juelz Santana, Bezel
"Daddy" Juelz Santana
"Tha Mobb" Lil Wayne Tha Carter II
"The Initiation" 2006 Akir Legacy
"I.B.S" Cam'ron Killa Season
"Pyrexx Vision / Angel Dust" 40 Cal. Broken Safety Rek Beats
"American Me" CL Smooth American Me
"Warm Outside"
"The Stroll"
"Heat" 2008 40 Cal. The Yellow Tape
"Come With Me (Freestyle)" J.R. Writer Politics and Bullshit
"Why You Leave" 2014 Locksmith A Thousand Cuts
“Cristal Occasions” 2019 Jim Jones El Capo
“Love of the Hustle”
“Make No Issues of It”
“Good Die Young”
“State of the Union”
“Pity in the Summer”
“My Era”
“Nothing Lasts”
"Cocaine Dreamin’”
“Mama I Made It”
“To Whom It May Concern"
“Sports Cars”
“Song Boxing”
“Bread Right”
“Don’t Know What They Took Him For”
“Toast on Me” Cam'ron Purple Haze 2
“Fast Lane”


  1. ^ a b Appeared on an advance copy of Jeezy's 2005 album Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101.
  2. ^ Also known as "Do Ya Thug Thang" or simply "Untitled".


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