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The term "The Great Old Ones" may also refer to a group of Cthulhu Mythos deities.

The Great Old Ones is an album by noise rock group Lubricated Goat, released in 2003 by Reptilian Records.[1][2] It featured 2003 re-recordings of previously released Lubricated Goat and Crunt tracks.[3]

The Great Old Ones
Lubricated Goat - The Great Old Ones.jpg
Studio album by
Released2003 (2003)
RecordedMay 2003 (2003-05)
StudioStudio G, Brooklyn, NY
GenreNoise rock
Lubricated Goat chronology
Forces You Don't Understand
The Great Old Ones


Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Stu Spasm.

No.TitleOriginally from (date)Length
1."Bad Times"Dope-Guns-'N-Fucking in the Streets Volume Four compilation (1990)2:22
2."Spoil the Atmosphere"Psychedelicatessen (1990)3:57
3."Nerve Quake"Plays the Devil's Music (1987)2:31
4."Stroke"Psychedelicatessen (1990)3:22
5."Frotting With Ennio"Plays the Devil's Music (1987)1:25
6."Snap Out of It"Crunt (1994)3:51
7."You Remain Anonymous"Forces You Don't Understand (1994)3:58
8."Jason the Unpopular"Plays the Devil's Music (1987)2:31
9."Cannibals' Lament"Paddock of Love (1988)3:46
10."Play Dead""Play Dead" 7" (1993)3:05
11."You're Fading Out"Psychedelicatessen (1990)3:31


Release historyEdit

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United States 2003 Reptilian CD REP 071


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