Jack Natz

Jack Natz is an American bass guitarist and vocalist best known as the original bassist of The Undead and a member of the noise rock group Cop Shoot Cop. He has also acted in independent cinema such as in the 1987 film Submit to Me Now.[1] In 2003, he joined Lubricated Goat, led by musician and composer Stu Spasm, and recorded and toured with them. He lives in Brooklyn, with his attention focused on creating collages, paintings and found object sculptures.

Jack Natz
Birth nameWilliam C. Nantz
GenresNoise rock, industrial rock, post-punk
InstrumentsBass guitar, vocals
Years active1987–present
LabelsBig Cat, Circuit, Interscope
Associated actsBlack Snakes, Cop Shoot Cop, Lubricated Goat, Red Expendables


Jack Natz began his foray into music when him and Bobby Steele started the Skabs in 1978. At the time Bobby was the guitarist for legendary horror punk band The Misfits. Bobby and Natz would jam with drummer Rich Matalian on the weekends when The Misfits weren’t doing anything. When Bobby was ejected from the Misfits in 1980, he decided he would take The Skabs full-time. Replacing drummer Rich Matalian with Patrick Blanck, and changing the name of The Skabs to The Undead. The trio of Steele, Natz, and Blanck played their first show at the Legendary A7 in January 1981. The group became one of the biggest bands in the emerging NYHC scene. They recorded the I Want You Dead demo in 1981, but then re-recorded the songs for 9 Toes Later, which Misfits singer Glenn Danzig put the money up for. The group opened for bands such as the Dead Kennedys and the Bad Brains. In 1982, Natz and Patrick Blanck left The Undead. Leaving Steele to replace them with various members throughout the years. Natz formed the Black Snakes in 1987. They released one album, Crawl, in 1988 before disbanding.[2] In 1989 he joined what was then the three-piece ensemble Cop Shoot Cop to record "Eggs for Rib (Speedway)" for the PieceMan EP, on which he performed lead vocals. He became a full-time member of the band and remained with them until the group disbanded when lead vocalist Tod Ashley formed his own group Firewater. The remaining members formed the short-lived Red Expendables with Natz as the principal vocalist and songwriter.[3]


Year Artist Album Label
1988 Black Snakes Crawl Radium 226.05
1989 Cop Shoot Cop PieceMan EP Vertical
1990 Consumer Revolt Circuit
1991 White Noise Big Cat
1992 Suck City
1993 Ask Questions Later Interscope
1994 Release
1997 Red Expendables Red Expendables Grimm Werks
2003 Lubricated Goat The Great Old Ones Reptilian


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