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"The Final Girl(s)" is the season finale and the thirteenth episode of the horror black comedy series Scream Queens. It premiered on December 8, 2015 on Fox along with the previous episode, "Dorkus", as the special two-hour season finale.[1][2] The episode was directed by Brad Falchuk and written by Falchuk and his co-creators, Ryan Murphy, and Ian Brennan. In this episode, the last and main Red Devil is finally revealed, and the episode also focuses on the aftermath of the revelation that impacts the characters' fates.

"The Final Girl(s)"
Scream Queens episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 13
Directed byBrad Falchuk
Written byRyan Murphy
Brad Falchuk
Ian Brennan
Production code1AYD13
Original air dateDecember 8, 2015 (2015-12-08)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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Next →
"Scream Again"

The episode was watched by 2.53 million viewers and received mixed to positive reviews from critics.



January 2016Edit

The episode begins one month after the grisly Red Devil murders, where Kappa Kappa Tau is rebuilt as a much better sorority that focuses on feminism and acceptance of different women. The house is now run by Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer) and vice president Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels) who host an early winter rush party at Kappa where they also introduce the treasurer Hester Ulrich (Lea Michele), now wearing an eyepatch. Hester, begins her narration. She reveals that she is the only Chanel left and the final Red Devil with the 20 year long revenge plan against Kappa House succeeded. She reminisces growing up in a mental asylum alongside her twin brother Boone (Nick Jonas) and Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) who spent three years grieving over the suicide of her sister Amy (Chelsea Ricketts), who had a drug overdose. Hester claimed with the help of asylum doctors, Gigi's self-esteem improved and she taught the children how to be serial killers. Hester also explains that she stole an asylum patient's neck brace to hide her true identity and faked having scoliosis before making up her high school SATs to apply herself into Wallace University which Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) accepted due to Hester's neck deformity. She also explains that they acquired the Red Devil costume from the mascot after Gigi murdered him and she and Boone carried out the plan to burn Melanie Dorkus (Brianne Howey) by filling up her tank with hydrochloric acid and upon her pledging. Hester was also the one who turned on the fryer machine that burned Ms. Bean's (Jan Hoag) face off in the pilot episode. She says that her plan is now over and happy to now have a real family; half sister Grace and illegitimate father Wes (Oliver Hudson). She also explains that there are no Chanels anymore and that she successfully put all the blame on the Chanels.

December 2015Edit

The scene goes back to December, where Hester is seen being rushed to the emergency room with the red high heel still in her eye and then blames her attack on Chanel #5/Libby Putney (Abigail Breslin) who is confronted by Chanel (Emma Roberts) and Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) of injuring Hester. Before threatening to turn her into the police, Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash) arrives before Hester appears where Grace announces that she is the Red Devil killer but she denies the allegations when her fake parents Clark and Delight (Steven Culp and Jean Louisa Kelly) arrive and prove that Hester was not adopted. Then, Libby's parents Mr and Mrs Putney (Wallace Langham and Lara Grice) appear and state that they are not Chanel #5's parents and that Libby was handed over to them by Gigi who encouraged them to enroll Libby into Wallace and encourage her to pledge Kappa House. It is revealed that Hester had a secret meeting with Chanel #5's parents. Chanel #5 is arrested before Hester stops Denise and states that she needs to arrest Chanel #3. Hester accuses Chanel #3 of mowing Deaf Taylor Swift's head off but she denies it by stating she was at the White Stallion with Libby and Chanel but then left. She explains that she had cramps and needed to go to the bathroom but went back to Kappa instead and had diarrhea. It is revealed that Hester put liquid laxatives in her cocktail. Hester accuses Chanel #3 of killing Sam (Jeanna Han) and that she saw Chanel #3 running up the stairs from the basement. Hester shows everyone letters from Chanel #3's biological father Charles Manson on how to kill her friends. Hester explains that Chanel #3 visited a psychologist claiming that her name was "Dirty Helen" and that she was a leader of a West Coast bikie gang and that Chanel #3 suffers from split personality disorder. Denise forcefully arrests Chanel #3 before Hester finally accuses Chanel of murder. Hester explains that Chanel entered a home improvement store in October and purchased weapons which was on her Diner's Club monthly statement but Hester shows Chanel security footage of Chanel in the store with the items in her trolley but is revealed to be Hester in a blonde wig purchasing weapons for Boone. Zayday announces that Chanel killed Ms. Bean but is revealed to be Hester who turned the deep fryer on and Chanel #3 states that she witnessed Chanel attempting to murder Melanie Dorkus. Chanel denies Hester's accusation; however, Hester states that once the murders happened, Chanel killed the pledges that she thought would damage Kappa Kappa Tau's reputation; however, Chanel responds that she didn't kill Grace and Zayday. Hester responds by explaining that if the two were alive it would protect Chanel's cover and that it is not a coincidence that Chanel would murder the pledges because of their body image, personality and lack of popularity and social skills. Denise arrests Chanel but she attempts to run away with Chanel #3 and #5 following from behind. Denise calls for backup, ex-strippers who are now cops, who grabs a hold of the girls who are escorted out Kappa Kappa Tau while Hester smiles.

May 2016Edit

The scene moves forward five months to May 2016. After Hester successfully frames the Chanels for the Red Devil murders, the characters move on and go on with their lives. Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) and Denise start dating but their relationship comes to an end when Denise is forced to break up with her boyfriend as she has to leave for Quantico the next day. Chad doesn't take the news too well and is devastated, however quickly starts a charity based on the deceased Dickie Dollar Scholars members. Dean Munsch writes up a quick book called "New New Feminism" but it is revealed that a ghost author had written the novel. However, the book and Cathy become a best selling hit and a media sensation. While Grace, Zayday and Hester upkeep the memorial for the victims of the Red Devil, Munsch confronts Hester as to her being the killer and the bathtub baby girl. Hester defends herself by stating that she only killed Pete (Diego Boneta) before Cathy threatens to turn her into police for justice of those who were murdered. She then responds by threatening to turn the Dean into the police for covering up the murder of Sophia Doyle (McKaley Miller) back in 1995 and for killing her ex-husband before the two eventually part ways. Wes (Oliver Hudson) agrees to give Grace space as he and Munsch are going on a vacation and greets her goodbye. In the trials, Chanel, Libby Putney and Chanel #3 (whose name is revealed to be Sadie Swenson) are nearly pronounced not guilty but after Chanel goes on a rant criticizing the jury, the three are sentenced to a mental asylum but unexpectedly find happiness there. Sadie embraces her lesbianism by dating a nurse. Libby is placed under medications that turn her into a tolerable person and suddenly becomes Chanel's best friend. Chanel then narrates that she has been changed into a happy and more friendly person as there are no boys to stay skinny for and no popularity. Chanel is later voted asylum president.

Upon going to bed one night, Chanel is awoken by the rubbing of a knife and notices that everyone is still in bed. Believing it to be her imagination, she lays back only to find the Red Devil holding a knife above her. Chanel then lets out one final piercing scream, her fate left unknown.


FOX originally ordered 15 episodes for the series' first season.[3] They later changed it to 13 episodes, likely as a result of lower than expected ratings. On November 5, 2015, Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, and Billie Lourd, portraying Chanel Oberlin, Chanel #5, and Chanel #3, were spotted on set shooting for this episode. They were seen shooting with orange jumpsuits.[4] Prior to the series' premiere, Murphy teases that only 4 of the main cast would survive.[5] At the end of the season, only about three main characters died, and the rest of them survived.



"The Final Girl(s)", along with the previous episode "Dorkus" as the special two-hour season finale, was watched by a total of 2.53 million U.S. viewers and got a 0.9/3 rating/share in the 18-49 adult demographic.[6]

Critical receptionEdit

The two-hour finale episode received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but there was criticism towards Hester's reveal as the final Red Devil. The A.V. Club's LaToya Ferguson rated the episode along with "Dorkus" and gave it a C rating, criticizing it for drawing out the reveal and for putting too much focus on the least interesting characters.[7]


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