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The Final Cut (1995 film)

The Final Cut is a 1995 American action/drama/thriller feature film directed by Roger Christian for Cine Cut Films with a screenplay by Raul Inglis based on a story by Crash Leyland.[1]

The Final Cut
Directed by Roger Christian
Produced by Robert Vince
William Vince
Written by Raul Inglis
Crash Leyland
Starring Sam Elliott
Charles Martin Smith
Anne Ramsay
Matt Craven
Music by Ross Vannelli
Cinematography Mike Southon
Edited by Robin Russell
Cine Cut Films
Keystone Entertainment
Distributed by Republic Entertainment
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English



A maniac bomber is ruthlessly targeting Seattle, claiming civilians and bomb disposal teams alike as apartment blocks and office complexes collapse under the impact of his ingenious, complex devices. Calling in ex-bomb squad operator John Pierce (Sam Elliott) to help them, and using computer assisted disposal techniques and virtual reality simulations, the squad come to a horrifying realization - the bombs are constructed with tricks and traps intended to kill the disposal teams and he is the only person who would know such schemes would be a fellow bomb squad officer. With the police marking Pierce as their number one suspect and the bomber on the brink of one final, cataclysmic attack, Pierce must move quickly to unmask the trigger-man behind the carnage or face taking the rap himself.

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The film was released in the U.S. in 1995 by Republic Entertainment with subsequent releases in Germany, Belgium, and South Africa in 1996 and with a video premiere in Portugal in 1997.



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