The Father (1979 film)

The Father is a Bangladeshi movie, directed by Kazi Hayat and released in 1979. The movie starred Bulbul Ahmed and Shuchorita.[1][2] The titular role was played by John Napier Adams, a long-term American expatriate and IT consultant for USAID in Bangladesh. This is one of the few instances of a non-Bangladeshi playing a major role in a domestic film. The film gave rise to two hit songs: "Ami Ki Gaibe Gaan" and "Aye Khuku Aye".His depiction of a foreigner father raising an adopted child with Bangladeshi culture and values was critically acclaimed and still remembered. It is stated in the movie that the story is based on John Napier Adams's own life. He Lip-synced with the song 'Aai Khuku Aai', which got immense popularity among mass audience and is still considered as an iconic song.


Hasan Fakhri is the lyricist whereas Azad Rahman is the composer.

[Note: Runa Laila and Azad Rahman also lent voice to the Soundtrack]