The Daily Journal (Fergus Falls)

The Daily Journal is an American, English language daily newspaper headquartered in Fergus Falls, Otter Tail County, Minnesota. It was founded in 1873. Publishing Tuesday through Saturday, it is one of 24 newspapers currently published at least five days a week in the state of Minnesota.[2][1][3]

The Daily Journal
TypeDaily newspaper (Tuesday thru Saturday)
Owner(s)Wick Communications
PublisherKen Harty
EditorZach Stich
Headquarters914 E. Channing Ave.
Fergus Falls, Minnesota 56537
CityFergus Falls, Minnesota
CountryUnited States
Circulation3806 (as of 2019)[1]
ReadershipOtter Tail County, Minnesota
OCLC number20807828


The Daily Journal was founded by A. J. Underwood. His family published the newspaper until the mid-1980s. It was then purchased by Thompson Newspapers in December 1992, later to Boone Newspapers, Inc., until 2019 when it was purchased by Wick Communications.[2] The history of The Daily Journal prececessors includes the following newspapers:[3]

  • Fergus Falls Daily Journal. (Fergus Falls, Minn.) 1883-1972
  • Fergus Falls Daily Telegram. (Fergus Falls, Minn.) 1882-1885
  • Fergus Falls Weekly Telegram. (Fergus Falls, Minn.) 1882-1885
  • Fergus Falls Independent. (Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., Minn.) 1881-1883
  • The Fergus Falls Journal. (The Fergus Falls, Minn.) 1873-1881


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