The Ceylon Chronicle

The Ceylon Chronicle was a short-lived English-language newspaper in Ceylon. The newspaper started on 3 May 1837 with Rev. Samuel Owen Glenie as editor.[1][2] Rev. Glenie was the Anglican Colonial Chaplain of St. Paul's Church and later Archdeacon of Colombo.[3][4] Although owned privately by a group of civil servants, the newspaper took a pro-government stance and had the support of senior government officials.[3][5] Governor Robert Wilmot-Horton, Treasurer Temple, Postmaster General George Lee, Acting Chief Justice Sergeant Rough, Auditor General Henry Marshall and Proctor Henry Staples all wrote for the newspaper.[1] The Ceylon Chronicle was a counter-weight to The Observer and Commercial Advertiser which opposed the government.[3][6]

The Ceylon Chronicle
Founded3 May 1837 (1837-05-03)
Political alignmentPro-government
Ceased publication3 September 1838 (1838-09-03)
OCLC number751749270

Rev. Glenie stepped down as editor after his bishop objected and was succeeded by Postmaster General George Lee.[3][7] The newspaper ceased publication on 3 September 1838.[3] The Chronicle′s printing press was bought by Mackenzie Ross who started The Ceylon Herald four days later on 7 September 1838.[3]


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