The Battle of the Three Kings (film)

The Battle of the Three Kings (Russian: Bitva tryokh koroley, Italian: La battaglia dei tre tamburi di fuoco, Spanish: La batalla de los tres reyes, also known as Drums of Fire) is a 1990 Soviet-Italian-Spanish-Moroccan historical adventure-drama film directed by Souheil Ben-Barka and Uchkun Nazarov and starring Massimo Ghini and Ángela Molina. It depicts real life events of the Saadi Sultan of Morocco Abd el Malek I.[1][2][3]

The Battle of the Three Kings
The Battle of the Three Kings (film).jpg
Directed bySouheil Ben-Barka
Uchkun Nazarov
Written bySouheil Ben-Barka
Guido Castillo
Produced byAlo Khodzhlev
Leo Pescarolo
Jaime Oriol
StarringMassimo Ghini
Ángela Molina
CinematographyGirolamo La Rosa
Music byAnvar Ergashev
Vladimir Martynov
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)


The film tells the story of the Saadi dynasty prince Abdelmalek, exiled from Morocco by his brothers. Since his exile, he will live twenty adventurous years: fight the Spanish Inquisition, take part in the Battle of Lepanto, be incarcerated in Alicante prison, and assist in the Conquest of Tunis. Eventually, he returns to Morocco to fulfill his destiny.


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