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The Acid House is a 1994 book by Irvine Welsh,[1] later made into a film of the same name.[2] It is a collection of 22 short stories, with each story (between three and 20 pages) featuring a new set of characters and scenarios.

The Acid House
First edition
AuthorIrvine Welsh
LanguageEnglish, Scots
GenreShort stories
PublisherJonathan Cape
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pages304 pp


  • "The Shooter"
  • "Eurotrash"
  • "Stoke Newington Blues"
  • "Vat '96"
  • "A Soft Touch"
  • "The Last Resort On The Adriatic"
  • "Sexual Disaster Quartet"
  • "Snuff"
  • "A Blockage In The System"
  • "Wayne Foster"
  • "Where the Debris Meets the Sea"
  • "Granny's Old Junk"
  • "The House of John Deaf"
  • "Across the Hall"
  • "Lisa's Mum Meets the Queen Mum"
  • "The Two Philosophers"
  • "Disnae Matter"
  • "The Granton Star Cause"
  • "Snowman Building Parts for Rico the Squirrel"
  • "Sport For All"
  • "The Acid House"
  • "A Smart Cunt (A Novella)"

Film adaptationEdit

The 1998 film, The Acid House, directed by Paul McGuigan, dramatizes 3 of the 22 stories from the book - "The Granton Star Cause", "A Soft Touch", and "The Acid House".


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