Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI)[1] is an industry-oriented private college located in Bangkok, Thailand. The College was established in 2006 by the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan). It was founded with the cooperation of Thai and Japanese organizations.

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology
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Other name
TypePrivate Institute
Established29 September 2007
1771/1, Pattanakarn Road, Suan Luang, Bangkok, Thailand

Coordinates: 13°44′17″N 100°37′42″E / 13.73818°N 100.62822°E / 13.73818; 100.62822
Colours   Blue and Red

The main distinction of all of its curriculum is the inclusion of half-year -long internship in industry (cooperative program), especially in a Japanese company, and also mandatory Japanese and English language courses every semester.

The first enrollment in 2007 was approximately 300 students. In 2008, there were about 900 students. Many of the students received scholarships from Thai-Japanese organizations, Japanese companies and the Japan Chamber of Commerce (JCC).

Undergraduate coursesEdit

Faculty of Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  1. Department of Automotive Engineering (AE)
  2. Department of Production Engineering (PE)
  3. Department of Computer Engineering (CE)
  4. Department of Industrial Engineering (IE)
  5. Department of Electrical Engineering (EE)
  6. Department of Digital Engineering (DGE) <International Programme>

Faculty of Information Technology

  • Bachelor of Science
  1. Department of Information Technology (IT)
  2. Department of Multimedia Technology (MT)
  3. Department of Business Information System (BI)
  4. Department of Digital Technology in Mass Communication (DC)
  5. Department of Data Science and Analytics (DSA) <International Programme>

Faculty of Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  1. Department of Business Japanese Administration (BJ)
  2. Department of International Business Management (IB)
  3. Department of Industrial Management (IM)
  4. Department of Accountancy (AC)
  5. Department of Japanese Human Resources (HR)
  6. Department of Creative Marketing (CM)
  7. Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LM)

Graduate coursesEdit

  1. Master of Engineering (Engineering Technology) M.ET.
  2. Master of Science (Information Technology) M.IT.
  3. Master of Business Administration on Industrial Management
  4. Master of Business Administration on Strategic Planning and Management for Entrepreneur
  5. Master of Business Administration on Japanese Business Administration



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