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Tha Myat (Burmese: သာမြတ်, pronounced [θà mjaʔ]; 29 April 1899 – 24 November 1977) was a linguist, known for his works on writing systems of Burma (Myanmar), notably on the Pyu language.

Tha Myat
U Tha Myat.jpeg
U Tha Myat
Native name
Born(1899-04-29)29 April 1899
Died24 November 1977(1977-11-24) (aged 78)
Alma materUniversity of Rangoon (M.A.)
University of Bombay at Pune (B.Ag.)
Known forPyu Reader
Spouse(s)Daw Yee
AwardsThiri Pyanchi Gold Medal (1954)
Scientific career

Early lifeEdit

Tha Myat was born on 29 April 1899[1] to a merchant family of Ngwe Thin (ငွေသင်) and Po Mya (ဘိုးမြ) in Padigon. He studied at his local monastery until 12 before leaving for Gyobingauk to continue schooling at R.C.M. St. Michael's School. There, during summer holidays, he studied Hindi reading and writing from an Indian man.[citation needed]

After completing 7th Standard, he then went on to study at Prome High School in Pyay. He passed the university matriculation examination with honors in English, Burmese and Pali.[2] Then, he studied at Government College. In 1921, he finished intermediate college with honors, and received a scholarship to further study at Pune Agricultural College, then an affiliate college of the University of Bombay. He married Me Yee, daughter of Lu and Se, before leaving for India. He read agricultural economics and intensive farming, graduating with a bachelor's degree in agriculture in 1924.[3][4] He received F.R.H.S. and M.R.Ag.S. degrees from the Royal Horticultural Society, London.


Upon his return from India in 1924, he joined the Department of Agriculture. He served as Agricultural Deputy Commissioner of Magway Division for 14 years. It was there that he began to take interest in the Burmese language, and began researching on the language. In 1954, he retired as Director of Dekkhina Circle, and became the Director of Cultural Institute, Rangoon. In that same year, he was awarded the Thiri Pyanchi Gold Medal by the government.[citation needed]

On 23 December 1957, he received an honorary degree from Rangoon University. Throughout the 1950s, Tha Myat represented the country at a number of state missions to several countries, including India, Pakistan, the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, East Germany, West Germany, Britain, France, Yugoslavia, Italy and Egypt.[citation needed]


Tha Myat was a member of Thukhamein team of the Burma Translation Society.[5] In 1953, he was vice president of the Burma Science Association. In 1958, he became president of the Burma-India Culture Association and a member of the council of University for Adult Education. He took part in that council for 11 years and served as president from 1961 to 1964. In 1968, he was elected president of the Burma Research Society.[5] He also served as vice president, and later as president of the Tharay Khittaya Association.[citation needed]


Tha Myat published several works mostly in Burmese, under the name of ဦးသာမြတ်, which is typically anglicized as "U Tha Myat". In academic records, his name is typically Romanized as Ūʺ Sā Mrat' (according to the Library of Congress ALA-LC transcription system for Burmese).

Published booksEdit

No Name of the book Genre Language Publication date
1 Burmese Writing System Burmese 1948[6]
2 History of Mon and Burmese Alphabets Linguistics 1956[5][7]
3 Pyu Hpat-Sa (Pyu Reader)[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18] Linguistics[19] English, Myanmar[20] 8, 11, 1963[21][22][23]
4 The Myazeidi Pyu Inscription Linguistics English, Burmese
5 Myazeidi Yazakumah Inscription Linguistics Pali, Pyu, English, Burmese
6 Pali Myazeidi Inscription Linguistics English, Burmese 1958[5]
7 Myanmar Ekkhaya Hnint Ganan Thincha Htuppat (On the Burmese Alphabet and Mathematics) Linguistics 1972[5]
8 Myanmar Ekkhaya Hnint Ganan Thincha Htuppat Linguistics Burmese 1974[5][24]
9 Myanma Pwe-Taw La Mya
10 The Twelve Festivals of Burma 1973[25][26]
11 Niti Kyan Kyaw Dway Hna Phaw (Hsanakya Niti and Lawka Niti) 1954,[27]


12 Mingala Sutta Pali, Hindi, English, Burmese
13 Planting vegetables Agriculture
14 Planting Fruit Trees Agriculture
15 Planting vegetables and fruit trees Agriculture
16 Growing a Kitchen Garden Agriculture
17 Pawrana Zaga Dictionary[28][29] 1961[5][30][31]
18 The Ancient Pyu[32][33][34]
19 Sanskrit Language Burmese 7, 6, 1960[35]
20 Foundation of Mandalay, the Royal Capital History Burmese 1959[36]
21 Myanma Salon Paung Letswe[37] 1961[38]
22, …… Agriculture handouts for Standard 5, 6, 7

Unpublished worksEdit

  • Burmese Etymology


No Name of the Lecture Language Status
1 Mingala Sutta Pali, Hindi, Burmese, English Published
2 Burmese Embroidery[39] Published[40]
3 Gold Leaf Industry Published
4 Work in Brass, Copper and Marble Published
5 Indian and Southeast Asian Inscriptions Unpublished

As coauthor, editorEdit

Writers Name of the book Genre Language Publication date
U San Khin and U Tha Myat[41] A dictionary of Medicinal Plants in 11 Languages Burmese, English, Hindi, Pali, Kachin, Karen, Chin, Mon, Shan, Sanskrit,[42] Russian 1972[5]
U San Khin (edited by U Tha Myat)[43] Some Medicinal and Useful Plants, Both Indigenous and Exotic, of Burma: (botanical, English and Burmese Names and Family. Medicinal Plants are Marked with Asterisks) Botany, Medical 1970[44]
Voice Actor Name of Research Paper Researchers
1 Lecture Notes on Burmese Handicraft and Burmese Manuscript Books, Southern and Northern Scripts of India U Tha Myat and Min Thu Wun
2 The alphabets of Burma U Tha Myat and John Sydenham Furnivall


Tha Myat died on 24 November 1977 in Yangon.

See alsoEdit

Further readingEdit

  • [36], Burma's Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries—Past and Present by U Tha Myat, Director of Culture, Burma (Broadcast talk in Czechoslovakia and Romania)
  • [37], The Light of Buddha Vol III No 1, January, 1958 PDF- Pariyatti-Buddhism in South-East Asia By U Tha Myat, pages 22–28


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