The Teteringen Girl (Dutch: Meisje van Teteringen; French: La jeune fille de Teteringen[1]) is an unidentified woman found dead on 25 December 1990 in the Cadettenkamp forest outside of Teteringen, a village northeast of Breda, Netherlands. She is one of the 22 unidentified women mentioned in Interpol's Operation Identify Me.

Teteringen Girl
Bornc. 1965–1975
Unknown. Possibly Morocco or Antwerp, Belgium
Diedc. December 1990
Cause of deathStarvation and exhaustion
Body discovered25 December 1990, Teteringen, Breda, Netherlands
Known forUnidentified victim of homicide; unsolved murder
Height5 ft 4 in (160 cm)

Circumstances edit

The Teteringen Girl was found by hikers near a trail near Galgestraat and Cadettenkamp (close to the A27 Motorway) on Christmas Day, 1990. The body was wrapped in a rug and covered with several blankets. She was wearing a red turtleneck sweater from a brand called Carine (which could only be purchased in Belgium at the time)[2] and burgundy red corduroy trousers. She was not wearing socks, undergarments, or shoes.[3]

Physical characteristics edit

The Teteringen Girl was 163 cm tall (approximately five feet four inches), with an olive complexion, and is estimated to have been between the ages of 15 and 25 at the time of her death.

Her cause of death was determined to be starvation and exhaustion.[4] Her body was emaciated, with bite marks on her skin. There was also evidence that cigarettes had been put out on her skin as well.[5]

She was of Moroccan descent.[6]

Investigation edit

It is believed that the Teteringen Girl lived in the Netherlands or another central European country (such as Belgium, France, Luxembourg, or Germany) for at least five years before her death.[7] Although arrests were made after the discovery of her body, the case went cold.

In 2006, her body was exhumed for further investigation.[8] It was determined via DNA that she had ties to a Moroccan community in Antwerp, Belgium.[9] In 2023, her case was one of the 22 listed in Interpol's Operation Identify Me.

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