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The Tersan Shipyard is located Yalova, Turkey. Shipyard is specialized in the construction of offshore, fishing, specialized vessels, tankers and conversion.[1] Shipyard has also repair facilities both in Yalova and Tuzla, Turkey.

Tersan Shipyard built first turn-key offshore [2] and fishing vessel [3] produced in Turkey. Also yard established the world’s first LNG-powered coaster in 2011.[4]


In beginning of 1990’s Tersan Group was initially established as a Ship Service Company which included Agency Services, Operations, Management, the company provided a wide range of services for the vessels passing through Bosphorus in and out of Black Sea region. During this period the group purchased their own ships and started operation worldwide. In 1997, after acquiring a floating dock and a shipyard in Istanbul’s Tuzla shipyard region, the group extended their scope of work to ship repair, maintenance, overhaul and ship docking. Success in repairing and docking of around 50 to 70 ships per year brought rapid development to Tersan Group into the new ship building sector very soon.

In 2001 Tersan Group established their ship building yard in the same region of Tuzla/Istanbul but separately from the repair yard. The first new building project was successfully delivered in 2002 which is followed by a number of challenging new building projects until 2008.

The limited areas in Tuzla/Istanbul region and the capacities of the current yard no longer met with Tersan’s future targets for building huge Offshore and Handymax commercial vessels, consequently Tersan decided to invest in a new yard in Yalova City with much more capacities and still benefitting from easy access to Istanbul.

The repair yard remaining in Tuzla/Istanbul, Tersan’s ship building division moved to Yalova in 2008. The new facilities in Yalova is today one of the biggest and most modern shipyards in Europe. Besides the initial investment the development of the yard is going on continuously meeting upcoming technologies and demanding new building projects. The yard is employing about 300 permanent personnel where the total number of workforce reaches up to 1600 depending on the workload of the projects.[5]

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