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Terra Mítica (Valencian pronunciation: [ˈtɛra ˈmitika]) is a theme park located in Benidorm, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain. The park is divided into 5 themed zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands (of the Mediterranean). The park opened in 2000.

Terra Mítica
Terra Mitica logo.svg
LocationBenidorm, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain
Coordinates38°33′37″N 0°09′32″W / 38.56028°N 0.15889°W / 38.56028; -0.15889Coordinates: 38°33′37″N 0°09′32″W / 38.56028°N 0.15889°W / 38.56028; -0.15889
Opened27 July 2000
Operating seasonApril to November
Roller coastersSLC, RCCA Wooden & ZacSpin Coaster
Water ridesGiant Splash, Log Flume, Rapids

From 2004–2006, the park went through a bankruptcy process. In 2001, a year after park opening, Paramount Parks entered into an agreement to manage Terra Mitica, and the park was branded as a Paramount Park for the following season. In 2004, Paramount Parks filed for the Spanish equivalent of bankruptcy protection from its creditors. Since then, the park has been operating independently. Terra Mítica emerged from temporary receivership in 2006, after restructuring its expenses, reducing labor costs, and canceling debt through the sale of excess park land. After generating, on average, a negative operating profit of 8 million € per year from its inception, Terra Mítica produced positive EBITDA in 2006.[1]

For the 2008 season, Terra Mítica added a new free access area including major branded food chains and shops as well as an outdoor adventure park. Plans for the 2009 season include the addition to shopping outlets adjacent to the Iberia section of the park. A hotel is also planned to be built by Ortiz Hijos in the area just behind the Egypt section of the park.

For the 2013 season, the park has been divided into two separate parks Iberia Park and Terra Mitica, the former being a free to enter area that requires tokens to be bought for access to the rides. It covers half of the Egypt zone and all of the Iberia and Islands areas. The latter is a pay to enter area where all rides are free while inside. For the 2014 season, Iberia Park became gated, requiring a ticket to enter. Ibera park will only be open for 2 months from 2016 onwards.

In 2016, the Luxor Hotel was opened. To coincide with the hotels opening, the season was reduced to 3 months, but prices were increased causing many season pass holders to complain.

Park structureEdit

Entrance of Magnus Colossus, the wooden roller coaster.

The park is organized into five thematic areas, each influenced by their respective origins:

  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Rome
  • Iberia
  • The Islands - This area is influenced by the ancient Mediterranean cultures and history.

In 2008, the following areas were added to the park:

  • Ocionía - A free access area with themed shops, branded restaurants, and pay-as-you-go attractions. Ocionia is located just before the park entrance area.
  • Atalaya - An outdoor adventure and obstacle course with challenges for adults and children alike. Atalaya is adjacent to the park entrance.


In total, there are 25 rides at the park. The list of rides by complexity is given below (strong - red colour, medium - yellow colour, easy - green colour, children - blue colour).

Park Ride Description
Greece La Furia de Tritón (Triton's Fury) A themed big boat drop ride with two drops built by Intamin.
SynKope A flat ride, 35 metres in height, reaching a velocity of 90 km/h. Built by Mondial in 2004.
Titánide A Vekoma SLC roller coaster.
El Laberinto del Minotauro (The Labyrinth of the Minotaur) A dark ride built by Sally Corporation featuring an ETF ride system.[2][3]
Los Ícaros (The Icarus) Flying chairs.
Templo de Kinetos (Kinetos' Temple) A Motion Simulator.
Alucinakis A children's Magnus Colossus.
Arriarrix Ride on the backs of unicorns and pasting into a meadow of Ancient Greece.
Iberia Arietes Children's carousel rides.
Jabato Children's carousel rides.
Egypt Cataratas del Nilo (The Falls of Nile) A log flume ride. It has two drops, one in reverse, with its biggest drop being 20 metres height. It was built by MACK Rides.
Akuatiti Children version of "Cataratas del Nilo".
La Batalla de la Pirámide (The Battle of the Pyramid) An indoor paintball game.
La Pirámide del Terror (Horror Pyramid) A haunted maze.
Puerto de Alejandría (Alexandría's Port) A boat ride from Egypt to Iberia.
Infinnito A 100 metres tower that offers you an amazing view of the Benidorm skyline as well as impressive views of the coastline and the park. It was added in the middle of the 2007 and is also from Intamin.
Rome Magnus Colossus A wooden roller coaster built by Roller Coaster Corporation of America with a double drop. It's 36 metres high and reaches a speed of 92 km/h. The roller coaster is 1,252 meters long.
  • It closed in 2015 due to its high maintenance cost.
El Vuelo del Fénix (The Flight of the Phoenix) A drop tower built by Intamin, with 60 metres and themed about the legend of the phoenix.
Inferno A ZacSpin Coster designed by Intamin. It is 25 metres height and flies at 60 km/h producing 3 g forces for a brief but exciting moment. It possesses one inversion.
  • On July 7, 2014, a teenager was killed after his harness sprung open during the ride.[4]
Ayquesustus Replica Child Flight of the Phoenix.
Rontundus Ferris wheel for smaller baskets in which the shape of doves.
Serpentinum Attraction child carts pulled by geese and in which users, through a lever up or down can do.
Tentáculus Attraction where children can upload, download and turn transported in vehicles in the form of torches chaired by the Imperial Roman Eagle.
Torbellinus Chairs flying in infant version.
Vertigum Children's attraction in the form of a gondola mouse which rises and rotates in a circular motion.
The Islands La Cólera de Akiles (The Anger of Akiles) The new addition in 2006. A Supernova built by Mondial. It is 16 metres high.
Los Rápidos de Argos (Argos' Rapids) A water rapids ride.
Mithos Typical carrousel with mythological beings, such as mermaids, centaurs, sacred oxen and others.
El Rescate de Ulises (Ulysses' Rescue) A dark water ride, with animatronics.


Show Description
Acuarela Passage around Roma.
Anfitriones dem Mediterráneo (Hosts Mediterranean) Meet at the park with ancient gods.
Animaciones Terroríficas (Terrifying Animals) Humorous show.
Arqueólogos (Archaeologists) Two archaeologists travel through Egypt crazy in your car full of surprises in search of new mysteries.
¡Baila con...las mascotas! (Dancing with ... pets!) Baba, mític and Cuca is a choreography of the most fun to get a big welcome.
Barbarroja (Red Beard) Enter into a typical Mediterranean town and live the Captain Red Beard's attack with a real ship with 7 pirates, a town, a 20-metre cliff and a lot of special effects and surprises!
Danzas de Karnak (Dances Karnak) Sinuous dance of the priestesses of Isis.
El Corazón de Samos (Samos' heart) Dances from the center of the Mediterranean Sea.
El Encantador de Serpientes (The snake charmers) A funny little man with his dancer and a snake, which tells his travels through India.
Lucha de Gladiadores (Gladiator's Fight) In the Roman square, in front of the Circus Màximus, enjoy a battle between the most important Gladiator Schools of Rome.
Mític y Baba (Mític and Baba) Interaction with pets in the park.
QueenWater Multimedia evening with fountains, fireworks, laser. This show is only in high season.
Rock'n'Roma Mobile Disco on the square of the Roman empire.
Tarantela Inside the Circus Màximus, you'll see a fantastic history about a stupid clown who finds the Circus Maximus' God and who takes part in a special party inside the Roman theatre. Don't miss this show!
Teatro de Títeres (Puppet theater) Currently is represented by 'La Pócima Mágica (The Magic potion)'. A story for the youngest of the family.

Calendar and admissionEdit

Terra Mitica is open almost every day in June, July, August, and the first week of September from 10.30 am to 8 pm, 9 pm or 10.30 pm (closing time varies). It opens from 10.30  to 7 pm on some selected days in May, October and November. It remains closed to whole months of December to April.[5]

In 2016, a single adult ticket costs €38. A two-day adult ticket is €48. An afternoon adult ticket is €25. There are discounted tickets for juniors (5–10 years old), seniors (60 years and older), and disabled people. Children 0–5 years enter free.

Season passes are also available: adult season pass - €80 (family: €70); season pass renewal: no reduction as of 2016. For family season passes a proof of family relationship is required.


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