Teriimaevarua III

Ari'i-ʻOtare Teriʻi-maeva-rua III Pomare (28 May 1871 – 19 November 1932) was the last Queen of the Tahitian island of Bora Bora from 1873 to 1895.[citation needed]

Teriʻimaevarua III
Queen of Bora Bora
Terii Maeva Rua, Queen of Bora Bora.jpg
Reign12 February 1873 – 21 September 1895
PredecessorTeriimaevarua II
SuccessorFrench Third Republic
Born(1871-05-28)28 May 1871
Died19 November 1932(1932-11-19) (aged 61)
Papeete, Tahiti
SpouseHinoi Pōmare
IssueRehurehu Tuheiava (adoptive)
Itia Tuheiava (adoptive)
Full name
Ariʻi ʻOtare Teriʻimaevarua III
HouseHouse of Pōmare
FatherTamatoa V
MotherMoe a Maʻi

The second daughter of Prince Tamatoa-a-tu (Tamatoa V), King of Raʻiātea and Tahaʻa and Princess Moe-a-Mai, Ariʻi-ʻOtare became the Queen of Bora Bora on the death of her aunt Princess Teari'i-maeva-rua I Pomare, Queen of Bora Bora. She married Prince Teri'i Hinoi-a-tua Pomare, chief of Hitia'a in Bora Bora on 9 January 1884 and was divorced in 1887. Ari'i-'Otare produced no children of her own, so adopted her two younger step daughters; Princess Rehu-rehu Tuheiava and Princess Itia Tuheiava.[citation needed]

Bora Bora was annexed by the French on 19 March 1888, but royal power remained in effect until her abdication on 21 September 1895. She remained the head of the royal house of Bora Bora until her death.[citation needed]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Teriimaevarua II
Queen of Bora Bora
Succeeded by
French Third Republic