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Teofil Kwiatkowski

Frédéric Chopin playing at Paris's Hôtel Lambert. Vaulting (background) is temporary stage scenery. Watercolor and gouache by Teofil Kwiatkowski.
Chopin on His Deathbed, by Teofil Kwiatkowski, 1849, commissioned by Jane Stirling. Chopin sits in bed, in presence of (from left) Aleksander Jełowicki, Chopin's sister Ludwika, Marcelina Czartoryska, Wojciech Grzymała, Kwiatkowski.

Teofil Antoni Jaksa of Griffins Kwiatkowski (February 21, 1809 in Pułtusk – August 14, 1891 in Avallon, France) was a Polish painter.


Kwiatkowski participated in the November 1830 Uprising. After its suppression, he emigrated to France.[1]

His artistic work includes many images of Frédéric Chopin, including a picture of him playing at a ball at Paris's Hôtel Lambert and Chopin on His Deathbed (1849).[2]

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