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WikiProject Lepidoptera (Rated C-class, High-importance)
WikiProject iconThis article is within the scope of WikiProject Lepidoptera, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of butterflies and moths on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
C-Class article C  This article has been rated as C-Class on the project's quality scale.
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When you create or find a new page within the scope of WikiProject Lepidoptera please add any of the following to the top of its talk page:
{{WikiProject Lepidoptera |class= |importance= }}
{{WikiProject Lepidoptera |class= |importance= |needs-photo= |small= |listas= }}
{{WikiProject Lepidoptera
|class       = 
|importance  = 
|needs-photo = 
|small       = 
|listas      = 
Unused parameters may be omitted. This template automatically adds articles to Category:WikiProject Lepidoptera articles.

Optional parameters

  • class – valid values are listed in the custom class mask. See the project's quality scale for details.
  • importance – valid values are: top, high, mid, low, na (case-insensitive). See the project's importance scale for details.
  • listas – This parameter, which is the equivalent of the DEFAULTSORT sortkey that should be placed on all biographical articles, is a sortkey for the article talk page (e.g. for Carl Linnaeus, use |listas=Linnaeus, Carl so that the talk page will show up in the L's and not the C's of the various assessment and administrative categories). This is important because it is one source used by those who set DEFAULTSORT on the article; consider also setting the DEFAULTSORT for the article when setting this parameter. For more information about this, please see Wikipedia:Categorization of people § Ordering names in a category.
    It is not required if another WikiProject template on the same page has its own |listas= set, since it not only affects categories used by the banner in which it is set, but it also affects the sortkey of all other banners and templates.
  • needs-photo – set |needs-photo=yes to mark the page as needing an image.
  • small – this parameter is no longer supported and can safely be removed from the template.
  • category – set |category=no if, and only if, a banner is being used for demonstration or testing purposes, to prevent unnecessary or undesirable categorization. Otherwise, omit this parameter.


  • The parameters |needs-image=, |image-needed= and |photo-needed= are recognised as aliases for |needs-photo=. If more than one is present, the order of precedence, from highest to lowest, is: |needs-photo=|needs-image=|image-needed=|photo-needed= . Parameters with lower precedence are ignored.

See also


WikiProject banner for WikiProject Lepidoptera. Transclude, assess, categorize.

Template parameters


Display the smaller version of this template


no description

Auto value

Assess the page. Currently, only the Full Quality Scale entries are allowed.

Auto value

Assess the page's importance to the WikiProject.

Needs photographneeds-photo

Flag the page as needing a photograph