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This template adds a banner to a talk page noting a closed merger discussion, as well as the end result and a link to the discussion.


{{old merge|otherpage=to-page|result=result|discuss=discussion|url=permalink|date=32 Octember 2018}}

This template should not be substituted.


Full parameter set:

{{Old merge
| otherpage = <!-- Talk:Target page -->
| merge     = <!-- yes / [blank] -->
| result    = <!-- merged / not merged / no consensus, etc. (overrides '|merge= ') -->
| discuss   = <!-- Target_page#Discussion_section (no brackets) -->
| URL       = <!-- //en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Target_page&oldid=1234567890 -->
| image     = <!-- [[File:Merge-arrows.svg|50px|link=]] -->
| date      = <!-- DD MONTH YYYY (or any valid date format: see MOS:DATE) -->



This parameter is required, and holds the target page for the proposed merge, without square brackets.

|merge= and |result=

At most, select one of: |merge= or |result=, but not both. Using neither is also permitted.

  • |merge=: Set to 'yes' if you want to display: "merge"; if omitted, the default is: "to not merge".
  • |result=: Displays the text value entered. If both params are present, this value overrides the previous one. Param 'result' is free form text, and you can enter "merged", "not merged", "no consensus", or any text you want.

If both parameters are used, the value of |result= takes precedence. If neither one is present, then the bolded text "to not merge" is used by default as the result of the discussion.


Parameter |discuss= links to the talk page discussion where the merger is discussed. The template automatically finds and links the discussion if it is both on the same page as the template, and uses the recommended section title, namely, "Merger proposal". If it has a different title or is on a different page, use parameter |discuss= to set the location of the merge discussion to be linked, for example: |discuss=Talk:Target_page#Merge this article.


The |URL= parameter adds a permanent link to the merge discussion. A permanent link is a url that can link to the original merge discussion even after it has been archived or deleted. Sometimes called a permalink, it may look like this:


A permalink can be generated in several ways. Probably the easiest is to find the revision in the page history of the article Talk page where the discussion was started; the timestamp for that revision is a blue link containiing the permalink for that revision, and you can recover it by either clicking it and retrieving the url that appears in the browser address field at the top of the browser, or by a right- or command-click and selecting "Copy link address" (or similar) from the context menu. See Linking to a specific revision of a page. To ease navigation, you may add the discussion section title to the permalink; expanding on the example above, that would give this:




Use parameter |image= to change the default image. The default image [[Image:Clipboard.svg|40px|link=]] places a little clipboard image to the left of the notice.


The |date= parameter specifies the date of the start of the discussion, in any valid date format. Default: "in the past". You can check the signature in the first post of the merge discussion to find the date, or use the page history of the article Talk page containing the discussion and check the earliest revision for that discussion section.


To Merge

{{Old merge
| otherpage = Example
| image     = [[File:Merge-arrows.svg|50px|link=]]
| date      = 1 January 2020
| merge     = yes
| discuss   = Talk:Example#Merge_proposal
| URL       = //en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?

Will produce:

No consensus

{{Old merge
| otherpage = Example
| result    = '''no consensus'''
| discuss   = Talk:Example#Merge_proposal

Not to merge

{{Old merge
| otherpage = Example
| discuss   = Talk:Example

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