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Note: An editor has expressed a concern that editors have been canvassed to this discussion.

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This is the {{subst:canvassed}} template.


This template should be subst:'d and takes two parameters, the second one being optional:

To specify a specific canvassed editors:

{{subst:canvassed|1=Username|2=(optional)link to diff (resembling}}

To specify the generic "editors", make |1= blank:

{{subst:canvassed|1=|2=(optional)link to diff (resembling}}
{{subst:canvassed| |2=(optional)link to diff (resembling}}

This template supports up to 8 diffs (parameters |2= through |9=), mostly for the "editors" rather than particular username case (e.g. to identify notifications to select wikiprojects with a similar viewpoint but no particular stake in the matter, or a number of editors notified at their user talk pages):

{{subst:canvassed| |2= |3= |4=}}

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