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Quorn Hunt
Frank Hall Standish with the Quorn Hunt, 1819.jpg
Frank Hall Standish sitting astride his black mare at a meeting of the Quorn Hunt.
Hunt typeFox hunting
Country England
Founded byMr Thomas Boothby
Hunt information
Hound breedFoxhound
Hunt countryLeicestershire
Master(s)Mr E.R. Hanbury, MFH,
Mr J. Mossman, MFH,
Mrs J. Jewell, MFH &
Mrs E. Murfitt, MFH.
HuntsmanMr Peter Collins
Whipper(s)-inMr Elliott Stokes
KennelledKirby Bellars

A hound pack infobox may be used to summarize information about a particular pack of hounds. The infobox should be added using the {{infobox hound pack}} template, as shown below:

{{infobox hound pack
<!-----The hunt----->


  • name: Name of pack
  • image: The name of the image. Check commons for an appropriate image.
  • caption: A caption that describes the image.
  • type: The type of hunting the pack is used for
  • country: The country the pack is from.
  • History
    • founded: Year pack was founded.
    • parent_pack: Name of a pack this pack was derived from (if applicable).
    • founded_by: Name of the person who founded the pack (if known).
    • former_quarry: Quarry formally pursued by the pack (if applicable).
    • disbanded: Year the pack was disbanded (if applicable).
  • The hunt
    • breed: Breed of hound used.
    • region_county: Region or county hunted over.
    • master: Current master / masters of the hounds (if known).
    • huntsman: Current huntsman (if known).
    • whips: Current whipper-in / whippers-in (if known).
    • quarry: Quarry chased.
    • kennelled: Location of kennels.
    • website: The hunt's website (if it exists).