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{{{year}}} NAIA football season
Regular season{{{regular_season}}}
National Championship{{{championship}}}
Player of the Year{{{naia_poty}}}


{{Infobox NAIA Division I football season
| year = 
| image = 
| image_caption = 
| regular_season = 
| postseason = 
| championship = 
| champions = 
| naia_poty = 


  • denotes a required field
Parameter Explanation Example
year* The year of the season. 1972
image An image for the season. Follow Wikipedia guidelines. [[Image:Example.png|200px]]
image_caption A caption for the image, if provided. 1972 NAIA Division I football season
regular_season* The dates of the first and last games of the regular season. September – November
postseason* The dates of the first and last games of the postseaon season. November 25 – December 9
championship* The name of the stadium hosting the National Championship game, the city/state where it is located, and the date. [[Commerce, TX]], December 9, 1972
champions The name of the team that won the National Championship. [[East Texas State Lions football|East Texas State]]
naia_poty The winner of the NAIA Football Player of the Year Award (top NAIA player, 1997–present). [[Chance Demarais]]