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This template creates an inline image that is used in metapages such as Wikipedia:Vital articles and/or in user pages.


Basic usage


Custom size



  • 1 or class - the icon code. See the table below for a list of available codes.
  • size - a custom icon size, e.g. "30px". The default size is "16x16px" (16 by 16 pixels).

Icon codes

Icon  Type  Code 
Vital article Vital Article {{icon|Vital}}
Featured article Featured Article {{icon|FA}}
Featured article candidate Featured Article Candidate {{icon|FAC}}
Featured article review Featured Article Review {{icon|FAR}}
Featured article removal candidate Featured Article Removal Candidate {{icon|FARC}}
Former featured article Former Featured Article {{icon|FFA}}
Failed featured article candidate Failed Featured Article Candidate {{icon|FFAC}}
Featured picture Featured Picture {{icon|FP}}
Featured picture candidate Featured Picture Candidate {{icon|FPC}}
Former featured picture Former Featured Picture {{icon|FFP}}
Before the featured portal process ceased in 2017, this had been designated as a featured portal. Featured Portal {{icon|FPo}}
Former featured portal Former Featured Portal {{icon|FFPo}}
Featured portal candidate Featured Portal Candidate {{icon|FPoC}}
Featured portal review Featured Portal Review {{icon|FPoR}}
Featured sound Featured Sound {{icon|FS}}
Former featured sound Former Featured Sound {{icon|FFS}}
Featured sound candidate Featured Sound Candidate {{icon|FSC}}
Featured topic Featured Topic {{icon|FT}}
Featured topic candidate Featured Topic Candidate {{icon|FTC}}
Featured topic removal candidate Featured Topic Removal Candidate {{icon|FTRC}}
Former featured topic Former Featured Topic {{icon|FFT}}
A-Class article A-Class Article {{icon|A}}
A-Class article candidate A-Class Article Candidate {{icon|ACC}}
Demoted A-Class article Demoted A-Class Article {{icon|DAA}}
Failed A-Class article candidate Failed A-Class Article Candidate {{icon|FAAC}}
Good article Good Article {{icon|GA}}
Good article nominee Good Article Nominee {{icon|GAN}}
Good article, 2nd opinion Good Article, 2nd Opinion {{icon|GA2}}
Good article on hold Good Article on Hold {{icon|GAH}}
Good article reassessment Good Article Reassessment {{icon|GAR}}
Delisted good article Delisted Good Article {{icon|DGA}}
Failed good article nominee Failed Good Article Nominee {{icon|FGAN}}
Good topic Good Topic {{icon|GT}}
Good topic candidate Good Topic Candidate {{icon|GTC}}
Good topic removal candidate Good Topic Removal Candidate {{icon|GTRC}}
Bplus-Class article Bplus-Class Article {{icon|BPLUS}}
B-Class article B-Class Article {{icon|B}}
B-Class review B-Class Review {{icon|BR}}
C-Class article C-Class Article {{icon|C}}
Start-Class article Start-Class Article {{icon|START}}
Stub-Class article Stub-Class Article {{icon|STUB}}
Featured list Featured List {{icon|FL}}
Featured list candidate Featured List Candidate {{icon|FLC}}
Former featured list Former Featured List {{icon|FFL}}
Failed featured list candidate Failed Featured List Candidate {{icon|FFLC}}
Featured list removal candidate Featured List Review {{icon|FLR}}
Featured list removal candidate Featured List Removal Candidate {{icon|FLRC}}
List-Class article List-Class Article {{icon|LIST}}
Wikipedia book Wikipedia Book {{icon|Book}}
Category Category {{icon|Category}}
Disambiguation page Disambiguation page {{icon|Disambig}}
File File {{icon|Image}}
Valued picture Valued Picture {{icon|VP}}
Valued picture candidate Valued Picture Candidate {{icon|VPC}}
Outline Outline {{icon|Outline}}
Portal Portal {{icon|Portal}}
Project page Project Page {{icon|Project}}
Redirect Redirect {{icon|Redirect}}
Template Template {{icon|Template}}
Module Module {{icon|module}}
Essay Essay {{icon|Essay}}
Non-article page Non-article Page {{icon|NA}}
Unknown-Class article Unknown-Class Article {{icon|NO}}
Symbol question.svg Unassessed Article {{icon|Unassessed}}
Audited article of limited subject matter Audited Article of limited subject matter {{icon|AA}}
Demoted article Demoted Article {{icon|DA}}
Did You Know? Did You Know? {{icon|DYK}}
Did You Know? Did You Know? (alternate) {{icon|DYK2}}
In The News In The News {{icon|ITN}}
On This Day On This Day {{icon|OTD}}
Peer review Peer Review {{icon|PR}}
Portal peer review Portal Peer Review {{icon|PPR}}
Question Question {{icon|Q}}
Quality image on Wikimedia Commons Quality Image on Wikimedia Commons {{icon|QI}}
Today's Featured Article Today's Featured Article {{icon|TFA}}
Valued image on Wikimedia Commons Valued Image on Wikimedia Commons {{icon|VI}}
Commons page Commons page {{icon|Commons}}
Meta-wiki page Meta-wiki page {{icon|Meta}}
Wikibooks page Wikibooks page {{icon|Wikibooks}}
Wikidata page Wikidata page {{icon|Wikidata}}
Wikinews page Wikinews page {{icon|Wikinews}}
Wikipedia page Wikipedia page {{icon|Wikipedia}}
WikiProject WikiProject page {{icon|WikiProject}}
Wikiquote page Wikiquote page {{icon|Wikiquote}}
Wikisource page Wikisource page {{icon|Wikisource}}
Wikispecies page Wikispecies page {{icon|Wikispecies}}
Wikiversity page Wikiversity page {{icon|Wikiversity}}
Wikivoyage page Wikivoyage page {{icon|Wikivoyage}}
Wiktionary page Wiktionary page {{icon|Wiktionary}}
Four Award Four Award {{icon|FOUR}}
Million Award Million Award {{icon|Million}}


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Icon

This template creates an inline icon-sized image. Please refer to 'Template:Icon/doc' for the list of supported values.

Template parameters

Icon1 class

The identifier or name of the icon to be displayed.


The size of the icon to display, e.g. "30px".


See also