The {{GAN}} template should be substituted at the top of the article talk page.

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This template is used to initiate a good article nomination.

From Wikipedia:Good article nominations/Instructions#Step 2: Nominating the article:

  1. Paste {{subst:GAN|subtopic=}} to the top of the article talk page. Do not place it inside another template such as WikiProject banner shell.
  2. For the |subtopic= parameter, add one of the following 30 subtopic sections headers that best defines the article:
    Agriculture, food and drink  · Art and architecture  · Computing and engineering  · Transport  · Geography  · Places  · World history  · Royalty, nobility and heraldry  · Language and literature  · Mathematics and mathematicians  · Film  · Television  · Media and drama  · Albums  · Songs  · Music  · Biology and medicine  · Chemistry and materials science  · Earth sciences  · Physics and astronomy  · Philosophy and religion  · Culture, sociology and psychology  · Education  · Economics and business  · Law  · Magazines and print journalism  · Politics and government  · Sports and recreation  · Video games  · Warfare
    If it doesn't fit under any of the above categories, leave the field blank. The nomination will be sorted in the Miscellaneous section.
  3. Save the page. A bot will add the nomination to the GA nominations page under the chosen subtopic heading to indicate that the article is ready to be reviewed.

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