Telegames, Inc. is an American video game company based in Mabank, Texas, with a sister operation based in England.

Telegames, Inc.
IndustryConsumer electronics, video games
ProductsUltimate Card Games, Ultimate Brain Games

Telegames was known for supporting not just modern game systems but also classic game systems, after they've been abandoned by its manufacturer. For example, by 1997 Telegames was the Atari Jaguar's only software publisher,[1] and continued to publish for the system up through 1998. Effective September 2004 though, Telegames, Inc. ceased support for all "classic" and "orphaned" video game systems and software in order to support only modern consoles.

Telegames, Inc. today focuses on modern gaming consoles by developing and publishing games for the Nintendo DS handheld game system and Apple's iPad.

Product historyEdit

Below is a list of all games that were either developed or published by Telegames, Inc.

Mobile phone

  • Universal Chaos

Nintendo 3DS

  • Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition

Apple iPad

  • Solitaire Overload Part 1 (now delisted)
  • Solitaire Overload Part 2 (now delisted)
  • Solitaire Overload Part 3 (now delisted)
  • Solitaire Overload Complete (now delisted)

Nintendo DS

  • Solitaire Overload
  • Solitaire Overload Plus
  • Ultimate Card Games
  • Ultimate Puzzle Games: Sudoku Edition (2007)

Game Boy Advance

Atari 2600


  • Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress
  • Amazing Bumpman (originally planned to be released by Sunrise Software as Number Bumper)
  • Boulder Dash
  • Cosmic Crisis
  • Fathom (re-release, originally released by Imagic)
  • Kung Fu Superkicks (re-release, originally released by Xonox)
  • Motocross Racer (re-release, originally released by Xonox)
  • Rock 'N' Bolt
  • Skiing (originally planned to be released by Coleco)
  • Strike It!
  • Tank Wars
  • Tournament Tennis (re-release, originally released by Imagic)

Coleco Adam

  • Kung Fu Superkicks (re-release, originally released by Xonox)

Atari Lynx

Atari Jaguar

Game Boy Color

  • Rhino Rumble
  • Shamus (released in North America by Vatical Entertainment)
  • Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit (released in North America by Vatical Entertainment)
  • Yars' Revenge


  • BackTrack
  • Classic Gamer: ColecoVision Hits Volume 1
  • Personal Arcade
  • Planet Blupi
  • Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer



  • Classic Games Overload: Board Game Edition (Nintendo 3DS)
  • Hardcore Pool (Game Boy Advance)
  • Puzzle Overload (Nintendo DS)
  • Ultimate Brain Games (Nintendo DS)
  • Ultimate Pocket Games (Game Boy Advance)
  • Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer (Game Boy Color)

Telegames Personal ArcadeEdit

The Telegames Personal Arcade was the US version of the Dina by Bit Corporation. This slim console could play both ColecoVision and SG-1000 cartridges. It came equipped with NES-styled controllers, and even had a built in game called "Meteoric Shower". Since the DINA control pads did not contain the numeric keypad of the actual ColecoVision controller, they were mounted on the unit itself. It also sported a "pause" button that could be used for SG-1000 games.

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