Tegel Manor

Tegel Manor is a 1977 fantasy role-playing game adventure published by Judges Guild.

Tegel Manor.jpg


Tegel Manor is an adventure involving Tegel Manor, a great manor-fortress belonging to the Rump family, whose only living member is Sir Runic the Rump, who has tried to sell the manor with no luck, and would reward anyone who could rid the manor of his corrupt, dead ancestors.[1]


Don Turnbull reviewed Tegel Manor for White Dwarf #3, and stated that "I have been fortunate enough to play this scenario and found it enjoyable – not wildly suspense-full or nail-bitingly exciting, but a novel change from the more familiar dungeon-setting."[2]

Mike Kardos reviewed Tegel Manor in The Space Gamer No. 53.[1] Kardos commented that "With a little effort, Tegel Manor makes an enjoyable addition to any D&D campaign."[1]


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