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Teeth 'n' Smiles is a musical play written by David Hare.



The play was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre on 2 September 1975.[1]

It was subsequently revived at Wyndhams Theatre in May 1976, at the Oxford Playhouse in October 1977 and at the Crucible Theatre in 2002.

Dramatis Personae and CastsEdit

Character Description Played by (1975) Played by (1976) Played by (1977) Played by (2002)
 Arthur songwriter Jack Shepherd Martin Shaw Frank Grimes Scott Handy
 Inch roadie Karl Howman Karl Howman Peter Attard Nicholas Tennant
 Laura p.r. Cherie Lunghi Gay Hamilton Belinda Lang Lucy Briers
 Nash drummer Rene Augustus Charlie Grima Stephen Price Justin Pickett
 Wilson keyboard Mick Ford Mick Ford Kevin Elyot Zubin Varla
 Snead porter Roger Hume Ronald MacLeod Noel Collins Robert Calvert
 Peyote bass guitar Hugh Fraser Hugh Fraser David Cardy Keith-Lee Castle
 Smegs lead guitar Andrew Dickson Andrew Dickson Larry Whitehurst Lance Burman
 Anson student Antony Sher Antony Sher Peter Whitman Dominic Charles-Rouse
 Maggie vocals Helen Mirren Helen Mirren Cheryl Kennedy Amanda Donohoe
 Saraffian manager Dave King Dave King Patrick O'Connell Ivan Kaye
 Randolph star Heinz Heinz Tom Wilkinson William Maidwell
 Technician technician Ian Elliott / David Charkham David Cross / Kit Thacker Steve Morley

1975 cast.[2] 1976 cast.[3] 1977 cast.[4]

In a 1979 production in the USA, Maggie was played by Ellen Greene.


The play is set around the performances of a failing rock band fronted by lead singer Maggie Frisby at the May Ball on the night of 9 June 1969 at Jesus College, Cambridge.


The songs in the play were written by Nick Bicât (music) and Tony Bicât (lyrics) and were -

  • Close To Me
  • Passing Through
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • Bastards
  • Let's Have A Party
  • Arthur's Song
  • Last Orders



During the initial run at the Royal Court, Keith Moon turned up drunk at the stage door, joined Helen Mirren in her dressing room and told her how great the show was, and then tried to join the cast on stage before being stopped by the management.[6]

Helen Mirren's interpretation of Maggie was based on Janis Joplin.

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