Technical University of Lisbon

The Technical University of Lisbon (UTL; Portuguese: Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, pronounced [univɨɾsiˈðad(ɨ) ˈtɛknikɐ ðɨ liʒˈbo.ɐ]) was a Portuguese public university. It was created in 1930 in Lisbon, as a confederation of preexisting schools, and comprised the faculties and institutes of veterinary medicine; agricultural sciences; economics and business administration; engineering, social and political sciences; architecture; and human kinetics.

Technical University of Lisbon
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
TypePublic University
Students21,427 (2008)[1]

On July 25, 2013, it merged with the older University of Lisbon (1911–2013) and was incorporated in the new University of Lisbon.


The faculties offer all levels of academic degrees in a wide range of fields, ranging from veterinary medicine to agricultural sciences to engineering to political science to sporting management.

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People who have been awarded a degree by the Technical University of Lisbon or otherwise have attended this university, include:

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