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The Tauro Fútbol Club is a professional soccer club based in the district of Pedregal east of Panama City, Panama. It was founded 22 of September 1984 and has participated in the Panamanian League of Soccer since 1988. Its founder, Giancarlo Gronchi, was a fan of Juventus and for that reason the colors of the club and uniform are black and white. They have won thirteen championships between 1989 and 2017, making them the most successful club in the LPF.

Tauro FC (2017).png
Full nameAsociacion Deportiva Tauro Fútbol Club
Nickname(s)Los Toros de Pedregal
El Club de Panamá
Founded1984; 36 years ago (1984)
GroundEstadio Rommel Fernández
Panama City, Panama
ChairmanAlvaro Vargas
ManagerSaul Maldonado
LeagueLiga Panameña de Fútbol

Their traditional rival is Plaza Amador, their rivals ever since the founding of the LPF (ANAPROF) was founded in 1988. Their meetings are known as the "National Classic" in Panama.


Tauro FC's origins date to 1984, when tannery owner Giancarlo Gronchi (an Italian immigrant) decided to create an internal football league for his company. From that came the idea of forming a company team. At that time, there were leagues formed of teams representing various Panamanian companies, as well as leagues formed of teams from the various immigrant colonies in Panama. Tauro competed in those leagues, as well as the Panamanian District League, from its founding on September 22, 1984, to 1988.

In 1988, Tauro joined six other teams in forming (ANAPROF), Panama's first national professional league. This was a significant turning point in Panamanian football, which at that time was a small player in region.

Gronchi's favorite Italian team was Juventus, and in the honor of that Italian power Tauro also competed in black and white striped jerseys. They club won its first title in 1989, and during the 1990s was the dominant team in Panamanian football.

Those were the glory days of Tauro, which won championships in 1989, 1991, 1996–97, 1997–98, and 1999–2000. Closely identified with the club's success in those years was Uruguayan Miguel Angel Mansilla, who managed the team on five occasions (interspersed with three stints managing Panama's national team).

Perhaps the most memorable title of that run came in 1996–97, when Patricio Guevara's 9th-minute goal lifted Tauro to a championship victory over the AFC Euro Kickers. That strike ended a five-year championship drought, and was followed by a repeat win over Deportivo Árabe Unido in 1997–98. The club won a fifth crown in 1999–2000, upsetting archrivals C.D. Plaza Amador. Plaza Amador was favored because they had signed striker Víctor René Mendieta, widely considered one of the best players in Panamanian history.

Tauro has continued to win championships in the Apertura/Clausura era. In 2003, they swept the season under the direction of Colombian manager Gonzalo Soto. In Clausura 2006, they followed the leadership of ex-player Ruben Guevara to another crown. In Apertura 2007, Mansilla returned to lead the club to a tenth championship (the fifth under his direction).

The club's tenth title came in Apertura 2010, under the leadership of Juan Carlos Cubillas. The club has also won titles in Clausura 2012 and Apertura 2013, with titles coming under ex-players Sergio "Checho" Angulo and Rolando Palma. In all, four former Bullfighters have won titles as both managers and players.

Club factsEdit

  • Achievements at local level
  • 13 championships in first category of Panamanian football.
    • Seasons in first division: 41
    • Best position in the league: 1° (12 times)
    • Sub-Championships: 8
    • First gol: Carlos Maldonado (26/2/1988 vs Plaza Amador)
    • First player ejected: José Alfredo Poyatos (26/2/1988)
  • Achievements in international tournaments:


Tauro and Plaza Amador have been continuous rivals since ANAPROF started in 1988. They're both from Panama City itself, but do not play in the same stadium. The rivalry is referred to as "El Clásico" in Panama.

New shieldEdit

Taurus redesigns his image

Tauro FC, of the Panamanian Football League, presents a new shield, under a modern design, not so saturated, and has had a very good reception.

The current champions of the LPF, will not have what was their great symbol for years, and is the face of the bull, however, within the modern design, is molded the head of a bull, in addition to the name of the team in the part higher.

The opening of this new face was announced by Tauro FC in recent days, and to know a bit about how this decision came, we talked with Ronald Gutierrez, Tauro FC Sports Manager.

Gutierrez said that in principle there was a meeting that held the league, putting the idea on the table, where a team, an advertising and marketing company presented the idea of modernizing its shield, a proposal that was rejected, however, the idea Was something that caught the attention of Gutiérrez and Luz Echevers to get in touch with those who had made that proposal, to see if it could achieve the renewal of the shield of the Taurus. "We found it interesting, we got in touch with them, they presented us with a proposal that we liked very much," said Gutierrez.

But that proposal brought significant changes, especially giving up what they were accustomed to. "The proposal was presented to the board, it created a small shock, obviously for the club's older members," Gutiérrez explained. "It was difficult, but Tauro has a very open directive that consenses all decisions, and in the end, everyone wants the best for the club. They were the most reluctant to change, but the majority decided that we should take the step, and thank God he had an acceptance. "Gutiérrez described.

The truth is that it was not a design that presented the league, but the contact they had through that company to which they rejected a proposal they made to another club, and given this proposal accepted by the Tauro FC, happen to have a new image that offers opportunities in terms of marketing, because as Gutiérrez responded, this important redesign will also help the marketing plans ahead, not only with the new shirt, or with the caps shown in that Final won, but also with clothes for women, divers, among other items and more. [1]


1989, 1991, 1996–97, 1997–98, 1999–00, Apertura 2003, Clausura 2003, Clausura 2006, Apertura 2007, Apertura 2010, Clausura 2012, Apertura 2013, Clausura 2017.
Runner-up (8): 1990, 1994–95, 1998–99, 2000–01, Clausura 2002, 2008 (A), 2008 (C), Apertura 2009, 2018 Apertura, 2019 Apertura

National League FinalsEdit

Season Champion Runner-up
1989 Tauro FC Deportivo La Previsora
1991 Tauro FC AFC Euro Kickers
1996-97 Tauro FC AFC Euro Kickers
1997-98 Tauro FC Árabe Unido
1999-00 Tauro FC CD Plaza Amador
2003 (a) Tauro FC Árabe Unido
2003 (c) Tauro FC Alianza FC
2006 (c) Tauro FC Árabe Unido
2007 (a) Tauro FC San Francisco FC
2010 (a) Tauro FC San Francisco FC
2012 (c) Tauro FC Chepo FC
2013 (a) Tauro FC San Francisco FC
2017 (c) Tauro FC Árabe Unido


Current squadEdit

As of 23 February 2019

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
30   GK Orlando Mosquera
1   GK Juan Carlos Loaiza
27   DF Ivan Anderson
2   DF Rigoberto Niño
25   DF Jan Carlos Vargas
14   DF Jorge A. Gutierrez
4   DF Azmahar Ariano
15   DF Javier Góndola
59 DF Jonathan Garcia
42 DF Cristian Quintero
6   MF Rolando Botello
No. Position Player
8   MF Adalberto Carrasquilla
10   MF Marcos Sánchez
17   MF Fabian Salcedo
19   MF Santiago Feuillassier
5   MF Justin Simmons
22   MF José A. Gómez
40   MF Diego Valanta
49   MF Axel McKenzie
11   FW Enrico Small
19   FW Jair Catuy
21   FW Rodrigo Nuñez

Non-playing staffEdit

Board of directorsEdit

Position Name
President Alvaro Vargas
Vice-president Moises Zebede
Secretary Carlos Martans
Treasurer Alejandro Pino
Fiscal Luis Moreno

Management hierarchyEdit

Position Name
Manager   Saul Maldonado
Assistant Manager   Rafael Mea Vitali
Physical Trainer -
Goalkeeping Coach -
Physiotherapist -
Physiotherapist -
Head doctor -
Utility Management -
Utility Assistant -
Reserve Manager 1   Ricardo Mammarella
Reserve Manager 2   Hector D. Chianelli

Historical list of coachesEdit

International participationsEdit

2008-09 : Group Stage
2010-11 : Preliminary Round
2011-12 : Group Stage
2012-13 : Group Stage
2014-15 : Group Stage
2018 : Quarter-finals
1990 : First Round
1991 : Second Round
1992 : Third Round
1997 : First Round


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