Task Force Anti Illicit Immigration

Task Force Anti Illicit Immigration (TFAII) is a task force deployed by the Sri Lanka Army from 1963 from 1981 to counter illegal immigration from South India. It was the first field formation deployed by the Ceylon Army and had its headquarters at Palaly.[1]

TFAII originated from "Operations Monty" named after then Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of External Affairs and Defense, Major Montague Jayawickrama in 1952 to stop illegal immigration of Indian Tamils repatriated to India after they were refused citizenship by the government of Ceylon. In 1963, operation was renamed as Task Force Anti Illicit Immigration as a formation in support of Royal Ceylon Navy coastal patrols and police operations. Initially army contribution was known as "Army Force M" consisted of an infantry battalion with support units based in the coast of Mannar. The task force had its headquarters at Palaly and had units deployed from Mollikulam point to Kokilai. There were army camps in Silavathurai, Thalaiady, Talaimannar, Pooneryn, Valvettithurai, Madagala, Thondamannar, Mulleitivu and Kokilai. In addition several smaller detachments of 5-10 soldiers each were located. After 1972, TFAII shifted its focus to counter insurgency operations with the raise of the Tamil militancy. It was disbanded in 1980 with the on set of the Sri Lankan Civil War and was replaced by the Task Force 4 Northern Command.[2]

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