Tashan Dorrsett

Kool Keith Presents Tashan Dorrsett is the tenth solo studio album by American rapper and producer Kool Keith, and his debut release under his 'Tashan Dorrsett' alias. It was dropped on February 24, 2009 via Junkadelic Music,[1] making it the rapper's first release on the label. The album featured guest appearances from Ced-Gee, Marc Live, Champ, D.Eazy, and Dgiz.[2][3] The concept of the album was, in Keith's words, a reality show in which the street-smart, down-to-earth Tashan was the star. The album was produced by Junkaz Lou, who previously worked with Keith on the Official Space Tape and Collabs Tape. [4]

Tashan Dorrsett
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Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 24, 2009
LabelJunkadelic Music
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Tashan Dorrsett
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A remix album titled The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett was released on May 3, 2011.[5] Tashan Dorrsett returned with The Preacher on July 29, 2016.[6]

Track listingEdit

1."Intro"DJ Junkaz Lou3:00
2."Supa Supreme"DJ Junkaz Lou2:58
3."Above Sea Level"DJ Junkaz Lou3:42
4."Flow Smooth"DJ Junkaz Lou3:53
5."Glamour Life"DJ Junkaz Lou3:36
6."La Chacha"DJ Junkaz Lou4:26
7."Magnetic Junkadelic" (featuring Ced Gee & D.Eazy)Hustlers Corner3:50
8."The Real Beginer"DJ Junkaz Lou2:49
9."Tashan..."DJ Junkaz Lou3:29
10."Booty Clap"DJ Junkaz Lou5:32
11."We Turn" (Skit)DJ Junkaz Lou1:10
12."Black Lagoon"DJ Junkaz Lou3:36
13."New Shhhiiit" (featuring Champ)DJ Junkaz Lou3:31
14."Indian"DJ Junkaz Lou3:42
15."Track Runner" (featuring Dgiz & Marc Live)DJ Junkaz Lou4:04
16."Industry"DJ Junkaz Lou4:39
17."Zapp"DJ Junkaz Lou3:16
Total length:1:07:50
Bonus tracks
18."Magnetic Junkadelic (Junkadelic Remix)" (featuring Ced Gee & D.Eazy)DJ Junkaz Lou3:37
19."Supa Supreme (Larry Hutch Remix)"DJ Junkaz Lou3:14
20."Booty Clap (Remix)" (featuring Big Sche Eastwood)DJ Junkaz Lou5:16
21."Flow Smooth (KutMasta Kurt Remix)"DJ Junkaz Lou3:36
22."Untitled" (DVD) 26:40


  • Big D - additional vocals (track 14)
  • Cedric Ulmont Miller - featured artist (tracks 7, 18)
  • Champ - featured artist (track 13)
  • D.Eazy - featured artist (tracks 7, 18)
  • Darlee - additional vocals (track 10)
  • DJ Netik - scratches (track 2)
  • El Noor - additional vocals (track 14)
  • Fabrice "Lotion Man" Ho-Shui Ling - recording (track 10), mixing (tracks 1-19)
  • Hustlers Corner - production (track 7)
  • Joe Hernandez - recording (tracks 1-9, 11-18)
  • Karim "Dgiz" Ghizellaoui - featured artist (track 15)
  • "Kool" Keith Matthew Thornton - executive production, lyrics, main performer
  • "Kut Masta" Kurt Matlin - recording and mixing (track 21)
  • Larry Hutch - mixing (tracks 1-19)
  • Louis "DJ Junkaz Lou" Gomis - arranging, production (tracks 1-6, 8-21), scratches (tracks 1, 3-21), executive production
  • Mark A. "Mr. Sche" Dokes - mastering, recording and mixing (track 20)
  • Marc "Marc Live" Giveand - featured artist (track 15)
  • Nator - project coordinator, photographer, executive production
  • Pat - guitar (track 8)
  • Shoet - artwork


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