Tara Tarini Mandir

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Tara Tarini Mandir is a Hindu temple of Adi Shakti and the goddesses Tara and Tarini at the Kumari hills on the bank of Rushikulya river[1] near Purushottampur in Ganjam district of Odisha, around 28km from Brahmapur city. It is one the four Adi Shakti Pithas.

Tara Tarini Mandir
DeityTara & Tarini
FestivalsChaitra Mela/Chaitra Parva/Chaitra Yatra, Holi, Dusshera, Navaratri, Dipawali, Sankranti, and every Tuesday
LocationKumari Hills, Purushottampur
Tara Tarini Mandir is located in Odisha
Tara Tarini Mandir
Location Purushottampur near Brahmapur city, District: Ganjam, Odisha, India
Tara Tarini Mandir is located in India
Tara Tarini Mandir
Tara Tarini Mandir (India)
Geographic coordinates19°29′22.83″N 84°53′59.23″E / 19.4896750°N 84.8997861°E / 19.4896750; 84.8997861
TypeKalinga Architecture
CreatorKalinga Emperors in Ancient Period, Basupraharaj in Medieval period in 17th century and Tara Tarini Development Board at present
InscriptionsTwo- At the Foot Hill of the Shrine (Shiv Temple)

Description edit

Shikhara and garbhagriha edit

The main idols inside the garbagriha are two stone female faces adorned with good and sliver ornaments. Two brass heads representing their Chalanti Pratima are in between. There is also a small murti of the Buddha in the garbhagriha.[2]

History edit

Legends edit

Shiva carrying the corpse of Sati Devi

It is believed that the Shakti Pithas are the locations where the body parts of Sati fell, after being cut by Vishnu.[3] The Tara Tarini Mandir is located where her breasts are believed to have fallen.[4]

The temple is one of the four Adi Shakti Pithas: the others being the Kamakhya Temple where the genitals fell, the Vimala Temple where the feet fell, and the Kalighat Kali Temple where the toes of the right foot fell.[2]

Festivals edit

Chaitra Jatra edit

Chaitra Jatra or Tara Tarini Jatra takes place every Tuesday of the Hindu month of Chaitra. Special Khechidi Bhoga is sold to devotees for ₹7 per packet from Monday midnight to 6 PM on Tuesday.[5] Devotees believe that getting their children tonsured is auspicious.[6] Hundreds of barbers are kept near the temple to aid the devotees.[5]

Tara Tarini Mandir during Chaitra Jatra

Sankranti edit

Each Sankrati (1st day of the solar Hindu month), special pujas are done in the mandir.

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