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Queen Victoria 1840 assassination attemptEdit

Who tried to shoot Queen Victoria?
The real story of the 1840 assassination attempt
What became of Edward Oxford, the first man who tried to kill Queen Victoria?
The Victoria series finale features many exciting plots but the attempted assassination of Jenna Colman's diminutive monarch is among the most dramatic.
The real life tale of the attempt on Queen Victoria's life is a rather interesting one, that's just as intriguing as the TV adaptation suggests...
On the 10th of June 1840 , the then pregnant Queen Victoria was on her daily carriage drive with Prince Albert when two shots were fired at her on Constitution Hill.
The assailant was an 18-year-old unemployed Londoner named Edward Oxford, who would go down in history as the first of a number of men who attempted to assassinate the queen.
There are a lot of rumours about why Oxford may have attempted to assassinate the queen, one prominent one being that he was under instruction from a political faction called Young England
Oxford’s family pleaded insanity on his part and, as they could find no evidence that the guns were loaded with anything other than gunpowder, the jury found him not guilty.
He died in 1900, the year before the Queen passed away.

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specific date when this group adopted the name Young EnglandEdit

  • Disraeli had outlined the principles of Young England in The Vindication of the English Constitution (1835), which characteristically opens with an attack on utilitarian beliefs, but Lord John Manners and George Smythe more widely disseminated its neo-feudal ideals in verse and narrative forms.
  • Richard Monckton Milnes is credited with coining the name Young England, a name which suggested a relationship between Young England and the mid-century groups Young Ireland, Young Italy, and Young Germany.

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