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Pineus and AyEdit

Perhaps, Aethiopian Phineas was the same person with Egyptian pharaoh Ay.


Perseus born in Chemmis (a ancient Egyptian city near Panopolis) (see Herodotus Histories). He was, originally, an admiral of Egyptian Navy.

He defeated Gorgons, an pirate people ( ~ Careans) of South Asia Minor or Cyprus (e.g. Golgi, an ancient Cypriot city) and killed its queen Medusa. So, he became famous.

Later, he undertook (by Egyptian nationalists) to assassinate Zannanza, an Hittites prince, son of Suppiluliuma I.

He should give Ankhesenamen ( = Andromeda) to Ay (= Phineus) but, indead, he drive Andromeda and his fleet to Argos of Greece.

--IonnKorr 14:26, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

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