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The Manipogo monster is a a lake creature, that lives in the waters of Lake Manitoba. The Manipogo monster has been known about since 1908. In 1957, it was named the Mnaipogo monster.

In 1962, in August, two fisherman by the names of Richard Vincent and John Konefell saw the Manipogo while in thier boat. Luckily, they had a camera on hand, and managed to snap a photo of the mysterious creature. In the photo, you can see a black snakelike sillouette in the water. You have a part of the boat shown to tell the size of the Manipogo. They were about 50-75 feet away from the animal. It swam away, and they tried to follow it with their 10 horsepower boat, but unfortunatley were not able to keep up with it. This is the only evidence that has been given, other than all of the sightings, and the photo is not clear enough to tell if it is real or not.

On one account, a person that saw the Mnaipogo got interviewed, he said that it had a 3 foot long head. He meantioned that there was no hair , ears or horns, and he did not get to see the teeth, since it did not open its mouth.

The Manipogo monster is supposed to be black or muddy brownish colour, and look like a dragon, snake, or eel, with a head like a horse or sheep. If it makes a sound, it is supposed to sound like a trin. It is 30-50 feet in length, and its body will be shown in arches above the water.

The creature, which is almost the same looking as the Ogopogo, is said to be the same species as the Ogopogo. That species is either a Basilosaurus, or a Pleisiosaurus. These species were supposed to have died out more thatn 10,000 years ago. This would lead you to the conclusion that there would have to be more thatn one of these creatures in the lake, to mate with one another to keep the population going. This is what Proffessor James A. Mcleod thought. He tried to find the remains of some of these creatures, so that he could have evidence that they existed.He found no remains. This search was made in the early 1960's.

There were a couple of government searches for the creature, but both lead to nothing.

In 1997, a farmer said that he saw the creature, and shot it. He put the cacass up for sale, for 200,000 dollars. He said that he had hidden the animal in a barn near Sandy Point. This was quickly found to be a hoax.

There were many sightings, but none of this matters unless you believe in the animal to begin with. I do, and I hope I have hleped you to make your decision as well. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

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