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@Hekk-u-hekk: You claim that all the edits made by FactualRifRaf "were referenced, encyclopedic and correct". However, this is untrue. Firstly, the foundation and dissolution dates were unsourced (I have requested a source from FactualRifRaf). Secondly, there were numerous errors in the edit, including incorrect use of infobox parameters, incorrect date formatting, an incorrect heading and incorrect grammar in several places. In my edits I didn't remove any of the information except the table of candidates (which is still available in the reference) and the unnecessary picture of Masini. Cheers, Number 57 08:02, 19 June 2017 (UTC)Reply

Also, I'm interested to know how you came across these edits? Are you actually FactualRifRaf using a different account? Number 57 08:03, 19 June 2017 (UTC)Reply
Hi @Number 57:, I have got the page on my watchlist, so the edits popped up as soon as they were made. This is a subject which interests me and I was glad to see somebody make new amendments to the page (which essentially remains a stub) and to provide a new set of information to improve content related to Gozo and its only party to make it into parliament. I also do not think that the photo of the unveiling of a plaque commemorating Masini is irrelevant, maybe you may wish to elaborate? My comments on the veracity of the edits were related to the actual content and not the grammar, apologies if that was not clear.
As a personal suggestion, it would have been more helpful to provide feedback along the lines of what you have written above rather than undoing the edits and label your amendments as "tweaks" because that would have helped @FactualRifRaf: improve his or her edits in the future.
The photo is irrelevant because it's focused on Masini. It would be appropriate on his article (which I see it is). Number 57 15:15, 20 June 2017 (UTC)Reply