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Dell'Arcano del Mare

appologies to Thue and Wikipedia and the original author/s.

As the contributor of the copywright infringement in question I have removed the link to the page from the article preceeding it (Robert Dudley, duca de northumbria) which some how was changed to that of Earl of Leicester incorrectly by a third party.

I would appreciate some one correcting the title of the page at

to read Robert Dudley, Duca de Northumbria.

Whilst tring to read how to change a page title I also entered the questionable page. Editing on the fly, as they say. Sorry.

Copyright permissionEdit

Wikipedia:Copyright_problems solved as permission to use copyright material has been granted from Susan Melton Bruneni of the Arader Gallery of Houston. Date: 01 June 2004,


Why was this added?

"This article or section needs to be wikified to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Please help improve this article with relevant internal links. (January 2008)"

There certainly seem to be many internal links. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:14, 12 February 2008 (UTC)