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Presidential elections were held in Tajikistan on 6 November 2006.[1] The result was a victory for incumbent President Emomali Rahmonov, who won a third term in office after receiving 79% of the vote.[2]



Five candidates contested the elections:

The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, the Democratic Party, and the Social Democratic Party all boycotted the elections, criticising the country's electoral apparatus as unreliable and refusing to accept the constitutional changes that allowed Rakhmanov to seek a third term.


A rally by opposition parties was broken up.[3] According to the BBC,[4] none of the four candidates opposing Rahmonov have publicly criticised him, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has said that "[n]o signs of a competitive campaign have been observed thus far".[5]


CIS election monitors declared the elections "legal, free and transparent", while the OSCE condemned them, and the election has been called "flawed and unfair but peaceful."[6]


Candidate Party Votes %
Emomali Rahmonov People's Democratic Party 2,419,192 79.3
Olimzhon Boboyev Party of Economic Reform 190,148 6.2
Amir Qaroqulov Agrarian Party 156,991 5.2
Ismoil Talbakov Communist Party 159,493 5.2
Abduhalim Ghafforov Socialist Party 85,295 2.8
Invalid/blank votes 39,529
Total 3,054,573 100
Registered voters/turnout 3,356,221 90.9
Source: Psephos